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Curtin Central Bus Station will open this Sunday for the first time. Some of the bus routes will be using the brand new bus station. This will mean that some of the routes that mainly use the Curtin University Bus Station will be modified. Route 960 will no longer go past by Technology Park, they will drive past the brand new University Blvd and using the brand new Central bus station. One bus route (Route 70) will be withdrawn due to low patronage.


Well i went into Newcastle CBD for the opening of the light rail today (which is free until 4pm).
It looks like half of Newcastle had the same idea!

I parked near the Interchange (western end of the route), got there and found that there were long queues that snaked out of the Interchange and all the way up to Wharf Road. Looked like about 30-45 minute wait. So I drove further into town and rode the last two stops. Having ridden the Sydney light rail from Central station to The Star a few times, i knew what to expect, and it’s pretty much the same as that.

I will be interested to see what patronage is like from tomorrow when it becomes a paid service and when the novelty wears off. Not sure that it will help the Hunter Street mall much (I’m hoping it does), it was still fairly quiet today, as most people went from the light rail to the Foreshore or the beach, as it’s great weather today, sunny and warm and not too hot or humid (low 30s) with a nice breeze.

I’ll go back and do the full route both ways in a few weeks.


OK, let’s cut to the chase here. Any free shit being given away? :rofl:


No. Just free rides :smile:


Not even a pissy little wallet to put your Opal card in? What a bunch of slackers. :rofl:


Nope, and no El Capitan Cranky T Shirts either.


You can make your own. :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe with the words “didn’t ride the Newcastle Light Rail and probably won’t do so for a while” :rofl:


Not sure who the digsy is who made this vid on an NGR…

But I’d love to do the voiceovers (not that the current ones are bad… I just know I could do a better job).


This bloody train is like a sauna. I wish I could take off my clothes and get some relief. :rage::hot_face:


The NSW Government today revealed new transport arrangements when Sydney Metro Northwest opens in May. The good news is that express buses running along M2 to and from Sydney CBD will stay. So residents in the city’s north west can either catch two trains to the city (swapping trains at Chatswood or Epping) or take a direct bus along the motorway.



Wasn’t too sure where to ask this. But Sydneysiders I was wondering if you could tell me the cheapest way to get into the city from the airport. I am sick of spending $20 to get into the city. I am there for 5 hours on the weekend and need to get into the city but I don’t want to spend over $40 on public transport.


From the Domestic and International terminals there’s a slow bus to Bondi Junction station and a slow bus from the International terminal to Burwood station, then get a train from there. Or, from the Domestic terminal you can walk to Mascot station and get a train to the city, or get a bus from Mascot to Redern station.

Someone else might have better advice?


That’s great. I might try the walking option. It looks like its a short walk.


If you’re traveling with 2 people, honestly Uber is cheaper.


According to Google Maps it will take around 21 minutes to walk from domestic terminal to Mascot station. However you can also take the 400 or 420 bus from domestic terminal to Mascot station and change to a train to the city.


How much does an Uber cost in Sydney compared to Public Transport?


I would suggest cost wouldn’t be the biggest issue in Sydney, it would be getting from point a to airport (or in reverse) in a somewhat timely manner.


Public transport is cheap… it’s just the airport stations have an ‘access fee’ because they are privately owned stations. :unamused:


And we still don’t know when the NSW Government will gain ownership of those privately owned stations so these exorbitant fees will be dropped.