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While i’m a transport enthusiast too, some buses in Perth has Nine News advertisement on it.

Some may only have the billboard on its right side, while others at the rear but are placed not level with the bus.

Photographed With: Samsung Galaxy Mega (GT-I9152)

I’ve also seen some OC500LE’s having MAFS AU as their rear ad too before but that has been replaced. Here is the clip of one of the buses with it.


SkyBus is set to start operating a Werribee via Tarneit to Melbourne Airport bus service from July 1 this year.

Werribee RSL > Tarneit Railway Station > Melbourne Airport


Also started a service from Southbank > Southern Cross > Melbourne some months ago.


I’m in Melbourne for a few days. The PTV app and website are useless for accurate public transport information for someone who doesn’t know the lay of the land and how the system works. Google Maps is spot on.


If I know what I’m doing and just need times PTV is easier, but Google is better if I’m going somewhere unfamiliar.


Citymapper, and the official TramTracker app, or NextThere for iOS.

They are the good ones, NextThere is fantastic in Sydney.


The Victorian Government announced today more than 200 new services would go into service on the Werribee, Pakenham, Cranbourne, South Morang/Mernda and Hurstbridge rail lines later this year, following removals of a dozen level crossings and the completion of South Morang line extension to Mernda.


Meanwhile, Queensland languishes in a “special” timetable due to a lack of drivers.


To think that was all you had to rely on only a couple years ago shudder


good to know.

i’m coming down for a weekend in august for a wedding (and will also catch St Kilda v Essendon whilst i’m there)


Currently on a train replacement bus on the way to Newcastle. Really wishing there was a toilet on the bus. Are there any rules that mandate operational toilets on trips like this (Central to Newcastle)?


There’s one in Canberra too. Photos from ACT Bus



Most of the train and tram network in Melbourne enjoys ‘turn up an go’ frequency, though admittedly that might not be the case on weekends on all routes. A bit of pre-planning in these cases is warranted, as with any major metropolitan system. I’ll admit I usually pick a weekday to poke around the Melbourne metro as I can count on unencumbered PT.

Part of the fun (for me) in the southern capital is picking a random tram route and seeing where it leads. This is probably a good way to see the city in general as Melbourne doesn’t give up its secrets easily, in contrast to showy Sydney.


WOAH!, an AOA (All Over Advertisement) one rather than just a billboard with promotion of shows on Nine too? I wish I’ve seen something like that in Perth and/or Transperth does it that way as it looks so good. Too bad that are so lazy in refurbishments of vehicles.


The Queensland State Govt has announced it will be contributing 20% of the cost of duplicating the Sunshine Coast line in its upcoming budget. The Commonwealth has already announced it is contributing 50%. Negotiations are continuing as to who will pay for the extra 30%, however work on the design has started straight away and the project should be finished by the time Cross River Rail is ready in 2024, which is great news.

I’m happy about the announcement. The funding gap is bad but the State Government has every right to demand more from the Feds given that Turnbull hasn’t contributed a single penny to funding CRR. We as a state are owed a lot by Canberra for infrastructure, especially since Sydney is getting two new rail systems in the next two years (the light rail and Metro).


I was waiting for the punchline but it never came. Who even are you?


“Bore through my Brisbane Tuff, Anastasia. :sweat_drops::sweat_drops::cold_sweat:

  • Geotechnical engineers working on the rail tunnel (2018)


Much better.


The Nine News Perth advertisment at the rear of an Mercedes-Benz OC500LE, although there isn’t any of them having the side billboards of it. Would actually prefer this one rather than those on some B7RLE’s.

Photographed With: Samsung Galaxy Mega (GT-I9152)

Oh BTW, these (Like most ads) are made by APN Outdoor.


The final section of the controversial “Skyrail” in Melbourne south-east, elevated rail between Caulfield and Dandenong, will open tomorrow morning (Monday) with trains running through Carnegie and Murrumbeena stations (Hughesdale station will open later this year). That means 23 level crossings across the city will have been removed.
ABC Radio Melbourne’s Jon Faine will broadcast his morning program from Carnegie station tomorrow. It will be interesting to hear from local residents and commuters about the project.