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I always wonder why the rail line to Doncaster and Rowville have always been in the too hard basket (at least the Victorian Government is planning a study into a light rail service to Rowville soon). Was it down to cost? Connection with the City Loop? Or other factors?
In the 2014 state election campaign, the Coalition called for tram route 48 to be extended from current North Balwyn terminus to Westfield Doncaster but Labor said it was impossible due to the steep slope at Doncaster Hill (especially the section of Doncaster Road just after the Park and Ride at High Street). Well, route 75 trams have been running along Burwood Highway since 2005 with no problems - there is a section just east of its intersection with Springvale Road, which has a similar gradient to that of Doncaster Road. So it is possible to extend the tram line to Doncaster to provide an alternative to buses. As a precautionary measure, a traction control system can be built beneath the new tracks to help trams going up and down Doncaster Road.


I doubt whatever agreement Skybus has with Melbourne Airport or the Vic Government itself would permit this…


It’s not about seriousness, it’s about value for money and infrastructure priorities.

Just about every review comes back with the same conclusion - it’s expensive, and there are cheaper non-rail options that deliver for the growth in airport traffic.

The main problem with the Skybus is it getting stuck in traffic. That’s solved with dedicated lanes, and perhaps some new bus only bridges/tunnels to get to/from the CBD.

Yes, long term do it - but it’s not in the ‘needed’ category for decades.


But why not build it now and start collecting revenue to begin paying it down?


Longer it goes without being built the less bang for buck governments will get.


It’d likely be running at a loss.

The investment now should be in securing the route, doing any needed acquisitions and working on the CBD end of the route.


Airport trains typically charge much higher fares than regular lines. It costs something like $30 to go from Brisbane Central to the Airport since the line is privately owned. I would have to guess that the line makes money if it is not government owned.


At the moment, the online fares for Skybus between Melbourne Airport and the CBD are $18 one way and $36 return. If the new train line is to be competitive with Skybus, the fare needs to be lower (say $15).


$18.50 from Airport to Brisbane Central and $32 from Airport to Surfers Paradise. It even costs $5 to go from Domestic to International unless travelling on a connecting Virgin Australia flight.


Perth’s airport line will be a regular 2 zone fare, so approx $5 for a cash ticket (closer to $4 on a smartrider).


god I hope they don’t make an Armadale C/Thornlie timetable, it’s either this shit or they upgrade every train station from McIver to Bayswater (except East Perth). Then there’s the question on how this is gonna change the Fremantle > Midland connection (or whether it terminates at Platform 9, then reverses).

if the Vic govt. is serious about a new line to the airport, they could build a dedicated bus lane which lasts the entirety of the route from the city and bypasses any intersection. Would then double up as a train line when they feel the need to build that (would also save money, they’d have to build all of this anyway).


I’m more intrigued in asking why it would cost $10 BILLION (Vic Government has to match the Federal funds)? There has to be something more to all of this to justify that costing (which would suggest that the proposed route would have to include extra stations somewhere).


I think most of the $10 billion cost relates to the cost of tunnel boring machines, building new underground station as well as decontamination of the former Defence site at Maribyrnong if the rail line goes through there.

Meanwhile, Spanish construction firm Acciona (which is building Sydney’s new CBD light rail line) is suing the NSW Government for $1.1 billion in damages.


Hi Adelaide History Buffs, What the Goodwood Tram bridge built when the Glenelg Tram line was converted from Rail line to Rail. I just find it interesting that is go straight over the Platforms at Goodwood. When the Glenelg train line was going, did the Trains stop and Goodwood becauce that would be a tight bend to connect on the line to Goodwood



Victorian Opposition Leader Matthew Guy revealed today that if the Liberals win this November’s state election, the new government will duplicate the Hurstbridge rail line from Montmorency (where Guy grew up) to Eltham in Melbourne’s north east. While the proposal is welcome, why not extend the duplication to Diamond Creek which has an established population or even build the second track all the way to Hurstbridge?


A crazy intoxicated man on an Eastern Suburbs bus. NSW Police tasered him, then arrested him.


Wasn’t that already happening in conjunction with a few crossing removals on that line?


Only as far as Greensborough I think. So this is the next section.


There are no level crossings between Montmorency and Eltham, but a single track wooden trestle bridge over Diamond Creek. If this section is ever to be duplicated, the government will have to decide whether to retain it and build a concrete bridge next to it, or demolish it and replace with a double track concrete bridge.


Channel 7 reported the trestle will stay with another bridge next to it. However did not mention weather it would remain operational, perhaps a new dual track bridge while utilising the trestle as a pedestrian thoroughfare.