Prime7 and GWN7

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Not necessarily. The Prime7 HD logo was likely sourced from the Media Spy mock that was uploaded to Logos Wikia. If you search “Prime7 HD logo” the first result is Logos Wikia.


I know that Football Scoreboard has been around since the mid to late 70s on what was then BCV-8 during the Seven’s Big League replays. One minute of each commercial break was taken up with Alan Besley or Barrie Hanson reading out the football scores from the BCV, GLV and STV viewing areas a few leagues at a time. Note that regional stations at the time had fewer commercials than the metropolitan networks.


Seven West Media and Prime Media Group today have extended their program supply arrangements for another five years, with an increase in affiliate fees.


What is there left to cut I wonder? Prime Possum? Or maybe they could get him to do the news?


He is nocturnal, so it would suit him well.


He’d be better than Daniel Gibson.


Friendly request to @Zampakid or anyone in regional Prime markets, would you please be able to record and upload one of those “Prime7” V/O line-ups, particularly one with 7flix (probably Friday or Saturday when they have 4 movies). Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

NB/ To Seven’s detriment they no longer do them.


Prime7/7mate Lineup 25th August 2018:


Some Prime7 On-Air Presentation elements in HD:


Promo Pop-ups:


Like Prime’s on air ID. Good to see, will be a shame if Seven force them to change one day.

Seven in non-AFL markets on weekend afternoons seem to air the movies that 7flix would air very early Friday/Saturday nights.


Weird how the logo still doesn’t show up on the Now version on any of their channels, but still shows on Now/Next version.


An error in their tv presentation engineering or at MH?


I think so. They stopped showing up around time GWN7 Local News was relaunched, pretty much right when the bug was added to the bulletin. No one has fixed it since


Prime joining in on the love:


…because nothing says Prime7 like a backdrop of Sydney.

At least have a backdrop of somewhere in the viewing area at the end!


Clearly you haven’t heard that Sydney is the heart of Prime7 :wink:


The heart of Sydney is definitely pumping it out on Prime!


At least they could have centred the heart. My OCD is going off the chart right now.


Failing that. Get the news crew to film some footage of a eucalyptus tree or something generic.

In fact, it wouldn’t be hard for them just to get a shot from one film crew in each of the local news areas too.


As a backdrop, they could have gone for:

  • Canberra - as the national capital and Prime’s HQ
  • Ayers Rock - the “centre” of Australia.
  • Prime Possum’s backside :joy: