Prime7 and GWN7

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I just saw a GWN7 lineup aired on 7TWO Coffs Harbour! :open_mouth:

I believe that it’s happened before there a few years back as was reported by @SydneyCityTV.


There’s an issue that would disappear if Prime ditch their brands in favour of pure 7 branding.


Yes, that’s correct. From March 2013:

Another interesting playout fail from around that time was when Prime7 Coffs Harbour aired an afternoon update from Seven News Melbourne voiced by Rebecca Maddern (I think) and using that weird background music:


BCM are at capacity and getting promos wrong lately in different markets (as I’ve shown in the 7 presentation thread). And now it seems MediaHub can’t even get it together! I think a new playout facility needs be built


Not necessarily MediaHub’s fault if the scheduler at the network made the mistake.


I watch a couple of programs on National Geographic, Genius: Picasso being one, and the presentation is flawless. I have never seen an error. National Geographic and the other Fox International pay channels all use MediaHub. As @Aurora states, the problem was probably caused by Prime not MediaHub, who seem to be doing an pretty good job now.


Play out is play out, it’s up to the staff and systems at such facility to prepare/line-up all the programs/promos/presnetation on behalf of whoever they gave a contract with.

That’s not Seven’s fault, all they can do is pass everything onto them and tell them their procedures. I’ve seen a number of errors on 7flix too, including the classification warning coming on half way through a program (again, nothing to do with Seven). Whoops.

Yes, I’m sure it’s rare if not very rare, but errors happen. Not sure why there’s some MediaHub fan or support club here :roll_eyes:


How do you know where the blame lies? What if MediaHub just schedule whatever Seven gives them and it’s Seven who stuffed it?

Not sure why there’s some Seven fan or support club here :roll_eyes:


One thing I have noticed about MediaHub which I do like, is clearly whenever Seven haven’t made a promo for specific day/time and passed that on.

MediaHub seem to take the initiative and use old promos stored on their servers, which they can recycle if it’s just a generic “next”.

Example from over the weekend with “The Graduate”. No promos at all during the week or that day for “9:30pm Saturday” / “9:30 tonight”. But there was during Saving Mr Banks a couple of times preceding it:


There’s absolutely no way Mediahub is making any decision on what is shown. They will only program what they are told to.
Errors could be made where in the process - at mediahub, or at Prime/Seven. They way the logs and files are passed to Mediahub would be a very complex procedure involving scheduling software at Prime/Seven. The schedules are most likely passed between the two using some sort of script process. It’s not like they’re making changes to the logs in response to email/phone requests.

Errors are more likely to occur on channels which have content changing at the last minute, such as our main FTA channels - even just the insertion of news breaks which have a very short turnaround before airing - the quick turnaround means people are rushing - especially when the same type of task needs to be done to multiple feeds at the same time.

Channels like Nat Geo are less likely to suffer from this as their schedules have no live or near-live aspects - so can easily be set once, well in advance. These channels are also completely played out from a playlist, rather than the FTA channels which constantly switch sources from network feeds, news and ads and need to pick up the triggers sent and be programmed to switch feeds, change watermarking etc.


No playout wars. Thanks.


It also happened when Prime controlled their own playout - in fact its got better since moving to MH


There’s a 7mate version, too. No secerts.


Prime7 HD (Bendigo).

First time I’ve been able to watch a game of AFL in this quality here in years


What quality would that be?


Not my terrible camera shot on an angle :joy: Sorry!

Broadcast HD quality, I am saying.


I will add, there is no HD add-on to watermark.

But EPG channel title does say “Prime7 HD Bendigo”.

And on SD (Ch 6) at the start of a program, white text appears briefly saying “available in HD on Ch 60”.


never has been a hd watermark since prime7 hd started in january


I was house sitting at a place with a T-box, and there was a Prime7HD logo on the EPG. I think there’s a photo higher up in the thread. Not sure where Telstra would have gotten that logo from?

Definitely not seen it on broadcast TV though, no.


Sourced from a mock logo on Wikipedia, like all of their regional channel listing logos.