Prime7 and GWN7

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Does GWN7 have a different type of sponsor billboard for AFL but with same voiceover?


Not sure why Prime have always done their own for AFL sponsor boards, as graphics and sponsors are the exact same as metro (latter probably has to be for commercial obligatory reasons)?


Has Prime always done Country VFL updates in Vic? Or is it sponsorship-based thing?


AFAIK, they have done it for years.


SC10 was doing it before prime7 started but that ceased when channel 10 lost AFL rights. I remember Alan Besley was presenting it from Bendigo for the majority of its run on SC.

I would love to know when SC started doing Football Scoreboard could of been before aggreagation


Yes, even I can confirm that. Despite being in regional VIC only very occasionally.


so with southern cross television going to become channel 7 as of july 1st , do we think that prime7 and gwn 7 will eventually follow suit when they re do there affiliation agreements ie being 7 victoria , 7 new south wales and 7 wa since this now leaves only prime7 and gwn7 being not a full 7 station


I don’t think Prime will change anything because they already incorporate Seven branding with all their services. They are identical to Seven in every aspect with exception to the co-branded logo. Southern Cross on the other hand is independently branded and has traditionally distanced itself from the Seven brand.


I agree that Seven are probably reasonably happy with the co-branding (and hopefully for SC7 viewers their new agreement gets rid of the upscaled SD-to-HD nonsense).

Ten vs WIN is the huge odd-one-out now, but of course their affiliation agreement isn’t due to expire until 30 June 2021, so nothing’s likely to change there anytime soon (unless/until WIN’s owner expires! :wink: ).


If Southern Cross Tasmania (who I’d imagine would’ve fought extremely hard to retain a local TV brand which is probably beloved by Tasmanians) is having to go all out with Seven branding from July 1, I reckon it’s probably only a matter of time before Prime7/GWN7 follow suit despite the current dual branding.

It’s to my understanding that every Prime7 & GWN7 viewing area has a fully Nine-branded station (either through SCA or a joint venture), so one can imagine Seven wanting to have a similar level of branding control/profile when it comes to the main channel & local news service of their regional affiliates.

The situation with CBS/Ten, WIN and regional branding could become extremely interesting come affiliation contract renegotiation time (or possibly even before then, if we see Seven eventually take on a similar regional affiliate branding strategy to Nine) but that’s for another topic.


Or in the case of Northern NSW, owned by Nine Entertainment Co.


Anything’s possible but I don’t think Prime are in a position for Seven to instruct them to be ‘more like Seven’. Prime has never been resistant to supporting Seven’s brand growth unlike SC.


But interesting how they never did with Ten (Southern across TeN), but did from day dot when they changed to Nine.


I don’t think Prime will change to full 7 branding unless WIN decide to get rid of the WIN brand in favour of full Ten branding, which won’t happen while old Brucey is still alive.


I’m sure Southern Cross were a very motivated party, and willing to do whatever it took to get the Nine affiliation.

Also, it saves them a bunch of money in terms of branding. And SC are never shy of saving a buck or fifteen.


The Southern Cross aspect of their brand when a TEN affiliate was always the “minority” brand partner, it was only really used for community announcements and the occasional localised promo.


The mangy looking possum said good night to the kiddies and sent them off to bed during the last ad break before Home & Away ended. Do the toddlers in Prime’s viewing area ever get to see the final minutes of Home & Away each night?


Don’t even think so :stuck_out_tongue:. Should be aired at around 8:30.


No, parents are expected to record those final few minutes of Home And Away and play them back during kid friendly hours :grinning:


On TVW7, I remember Fat Cat used to appear at 7.30 between H&A and the following program. I think this was either before accelerated flow, or it may have replaced an ident in the Eastern states. Nowadays, I assume he goes to bed during the final ad-break, if he even still appears at all.