Prime7 and GWN7

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This was only on screen for a few seconds:

Changed to this for about 2 minutes:


I thought that GWN7 had a different watermark compared to the Prime7 one of the Gold Coast 2018.


Somehow in the ad break at the end of the Commonwealth Games coverage (after the Golden Games program that aired following the closing ceremony), on the Prime7 Canberra market, they aired an advertisement for the Sunshine Coast Marathon:


i think all prime 7 markets got it prime 7 ballarat got it to


Very weird that an ad from 7 Regional QLD would make its way to Prime7.


Could that have been a sales inventory/ commercial line-up issue?

In that don’t Prime represent some 7QLD sales and national Prime sales are handled from city offices (like Pyrmont and Docklands) and BCM handle 7QLD play-out?

Or maybe it was intentional (very low rates after midnight)? Quite odd though.


I reckon it was probably funded and paid for by Sunshine Coast Tourism to get people up there for a holiday of sorts, be it competing or whatever.

Probably a coincidence that 7QLD are also sponsors of the event.


Former Prime News Tamworth presenter Kevin Anderson was interviewed tonight on NBN News Central Coast (and presumably North West) about a new skills college opened at Tamworth TAFE in his capacity as a state MP.


I don’t recall that first 1989 Prime ident ever being used on air. Could it have been part of a promotional reel?

WIN Television

I don’t want to steer away from WIN on this thread, but that hideous logo and jingle is all over YT.


Yes. That’s the ident I remember going to air on Prime Wollongong the day aggregation started in 1989. I don’t remember the one below ever airing in Wollongong, only the ones with the local scenery overlaid with the Prime logo animation. Perhaps the fully computer generated one only aired in Prime’s original south west NSW broadcast area?


This is the building of Prime Studios Wollongong as well as their original theme from 1988/1989


Prime Television Canberra (and possibly used at Wollongong as well) opening in March 1989


And I always thought it was called Acropolis Now…


the series title was, that may have been a working title


Is the WorkSafe Vic Country Football scoreboard localised to each market …?

Eg the individual sponsors for each leagues results.


Here’s something I found on the net:


Has Daniel Gibson left Prime7, or at least left his role on the 6:30 news? Just saw a promo advertising Prime7 News at 6:30 with Madeline Colignog

Prime7 & GWN7 Local News

AFL Vic Update:

AFL Billboard: