“Watch 24 hour news” - hardly a selling point to have US news coverage streaming 24 hours.

I hope they have an original Aus series to announce with the launch, would give them something unique to promote and get the word out there.


Studio 10 aired an (old?) interview with Christine Baranski about the Good Fight. Then Sarah said to catch it on 10 All Access. So they are starting some low key promotion.

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This is meant to be launching this month and we have heard absolutely nothing. No prices, no content, no promotion. It’s still the exact same old 10 that’s been around the last few years. They’ve simply got absolutely no idea.



This is what I have been saying in my head, nothing has much changed 10 , despitee new graphics and a change of ownership (CBS) They have had more then enough to start promoting for Ten All access. I totally agree with you David. It’s the same old Ten management. (I have no doubt Lexington will come out and defend them of course… oh crap on about how we aren’t giving them enough time) Truth is they have had plenty of time to settle in and management get along with the job. I know I won’t be wasting my money with ten all access, because if it’s gonna be a half baked ass content , it will be a fail. For sure.

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Most definitely. 10 have not changed at all. Next year will be the same as this year. People simply aren’t buying what they’re selling.


From 10’s press release today:

Outside of 10, 10 Peach and 10 Boss, we’re investing in 10 All Access content – watch this space.


The service has quietly launched overnight - it’s $9.99 per month (with a one month free trial) and aside from original & commercial-free programming, the service includes access to CBSN

A list is available of all the shows available on the service.

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Bit steep and only a month free… should of been at least 3 months free with the titles available if that’s it
No American Survivor :slightly_frowning_face:
CBSN is free in the states, what makes them think we will pay for a 24/7 American news network when abc24 and sky news are free (sky news uk stream is too I think ?)


Off to a good start, I’ve tried signing up for the free trial and can’t get past the log-in, it keeps coming back with an error message on the iOS app so I had to finish the process online.

It sure is, all 36 seasons are showing up on there.

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Only 2 shows that interest me 90210 (the modern one) and Everybody Hates Chris… also CSI some of that is on Amazon Prime, I assume some rights are non exclusive…

It says:

on your phone, tablet, desktop or streaming media player.

So it seems no app on the Telstra TV yet .


Happy Together has just been axed

A few questions:

  1. How much of Neighbours is on the service?
  2. When signing up, it also mentions about applying a promo code. Are there any “10 All Access” promo codes out there?
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Looks like just Season 36 up to ep 7751.

All sites feature a promo code section, it launched quietly overnight so doubt they’d be running a promotion since you already get a month free to trial the service.

They have the original Sabrina The Teenage Witch, so looks like Netflix won’t get it here then.

Looks like I will sign up watch the now 3 shows I see on there I like and then cancel, no way I would pay $10 a month every month continuously over a long period of time for this.

There are a lot of cancelled 1 or 2 season shows on this service I’m noticing.

10 All Access is here!

CBS and Network 10’s subscription video on-demand service offers more than 7000 commercial-free episodes, exclusive original series and the ability to watch hit CBS series before they air. Here’s everything you need to know.

CBS and Network 10’s direct-to-consumer subscription video on-demand service, 10 All Access, debuts today, with more than 7000 episodes of binge-worthy, commercial-free entertainment from CBS and 10. For $9.99AUD a month plus a month free for new subscribers, 10 All Access will offer exclusive original series, current and previous seasons of select CBS and 10 shows, classic TV series, as well as the ability to live stream CBSN, CBS News’ 24/7 streaming news service.

Network 10’s chief executive officer Paul Anderson said: “10 All Access gives us a fantastic new avenue to engage audiences with premium entertainment any way they want it. It fits perfectly into the 10 family alongside our broadcast channels, 10, 10 Boss and 10 Peach, our catch-up service 10 Play, and our news and entertainment site 10 Daily. We’ll continue to evolve 10 All Access with more great content to binge on and more product features to enhance the viewing experience. We are just getting started.”

10 All Access will be available on iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, and online via Subscribers will be able to watch on three screens simultaneously and the service will be launching on additional platforms in the coming months.

CBS Interactive’s president and chief operating officer Marc DeBevoise said: “10 All Access brings thousands of episodes of CBS and 10’s leading programming to digital platforms, making it simple for fans looking for more of their favourite television content to get it in one easy-to-use, multiplatform service. We look forward to continuing to expand 10 All Access to additional platforms and bring TV fans even more of the programming they want to watch.”

10 All Access will include the following advertising-free, on-demand programming, with more to be added:

  • Exclusive CBS All Access original series including Tell Me A Story , One Dollar and Strange Angel, with more to be announced. The first two seasons of The Good Fight will also be available.

  • The ability to watch select upcoming series the same day as they air in the U.S. and before they air locally in Australia including new series Happy Together , The Code , Fam, The Neighborhood and In the Dark , as well as new seasons of CBS hits like Hawaii Five-0 , MacGyver , Man with a Plan and SEAL Team .

  • Hit series from Network 10 including Neighbours, The Bachelor Australia , The Bachelorette Australia , The Living Room and I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! .

  • Full past seasons of many current CBS hits such as NCIS , Survivor , Blue Bloods , Hawaii Five-0 , Madam Secretary , Instinct and more.

  • More than 50 CBS classics like Melrose Place, The Good Wife, Frasier, Cheers, Family Ties, the original Charmed , the original Sabrina the Teenage Witch and many more.

  • The ability to livestream CBSN, CBS News’ 24/7 streaming news service featuring live, anchored coverage and original reporting.

Network 10’s chief content officer Beverley McGarvey said: “10 All Access is bursting with brilliant shows – my biggest dilemma will be which series to watch first! With 10 All Access, you can spend your summer binge-watching classics like Melrose Place and Cheers , or discovering exciting new series like Tell Me a Story and One Dollar . And if you were late to The Bachelor Australia or The Bachelorette Australia party, you can also stream the last three seasons of each series to catch-up!”

For more information on 10 All Access, visit

For a full list of titles available on 10 All Access, visit

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Who gives a shit about CBSN? Not exactly related to Australian news. There are plenty of ways you can watch it for free online anyway. Just as i suspected nothing really in that list of content for me to justify paying $9.99. I’ll stick with Netflix.


10 really needed to have secured more past episodes of popular Australian series for the launch, which seems to be severely lacking from the service. Who is going to binge watch past episodes of The Living Room, seriously?

I get that it’s just launched, but as Rob points out in the below article first impressions are everything and it hasn’t really made much of an impression so far - especially at the price point they’ve gone with.

Let’s hope they’re busy acquiring local content to add to the service, additional features and original programming as slated the other day.


mmmm I missed that…back for a closer look

So it seems it might not get an app on the TTV because in the US , it isn’t on the Roku according to this.

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