Olympics Coverage - History

Not a bad team overall.

They seem intent on shoving hamish down our throats during the prime time coverage.

I’m annoyed they aren’t detailing who will be actually be in rio as opposed to hosting from Melbourne or calling off a screen in an interactive studio.


I reckon Hamish and Mark Braybrook will be based in Melbourne, with Hamish needed to commentate AFL matches in the afternoon while Basil calling the swimming in Rio. Similarly Mark Braybrook will still have to call NRL matches for radio during the weekend.

Works for 4BC these days but does some NRL commentary for 4BC/2GB. Decent commentator so good pickup for Seven.

The ‘team’ promo certainly builds Mel McLaughlin up. Guess no one at 7 saw her efforts during the Sochi games.

Saw the network olympics commentary promo online. Looks really good :slight_smile:

Love that voice-over too, great voice (Seven Sport’s V/O, former Ten AFL V/O).

Hamish & Kylie back in the hosting position.

No Sonia Kruger (from 2008) this time, obviously.

Johanna Griggs’ role reduced it seems?

Of course they wouldn’t. It’s a media release. Spin central. Unless a journo asks, you’re unlikely to find out. They’ll want their viewers to believe they are all in Rio.

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Ten were honest as to who was in Dehli 2010 and who wasn’t. It was in their press release.

Good for Ten. Seven is under no obligation to.

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A very competent and extensive team. Always nice to Kylie and Jo being put on the forefront of the Olympics each year, dispute their lack of sports coverage back home. No Mark Beretta or Simon Reeve, interesting…? Also good to see Giaan Rooney and Pat Welsh from Seven News Queensland.


They’ll probably be involved as part of ‘Olympic Sunrise’. I use that phrasing because due to the time difference, live events will be taking place whilst Sunrise is on air that will likely be shown.

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Todd Woodbridge barely gets through tennis hosting, he is going to be horrible on the olympic coverage.


He will be commentating the tennis, not hosting the Olympic coverage, like 90% of those featured in the promo.

It’s listed in the press release that he’s going to be one of the presenters:

We already know from the press release that at least 7 people will physically be in Rio:

Bruce McAvaney
Pat Welsh
Nathan Templeton
Jo Griggs
Rachel Finch
Edwina Bartholomew
Neil Kearney

Many of the former Olympians will also be there but not exclusively for Seven. There will also be at least a couple of reporters who travel over (Chris Reason and Alex Hart based on the promos but possibly others as well) so the team won’t be quite as skeletal as what you’re suggesting.

The only real difference this time around will be that the studio will be in Sydney or Melbourne rather than Rio. It’s a smart way of saving some money given that viewers will notice no change from past Olympics which have all been anchored from a dark, enclosed studio anyway.

I seriously doubt that all studio presentation will be done from Sydney/Melbourne. It would reek of being stingy and show utter discontent & disrespect for the viewer as Seven tries to re-establish itself as “the Olympic network”

You would think that some, if not all the presenters for the main channel would be in Rio. It’s probably more the 7Two/7mate coverage where the locally based hosting will mostly take place


Viewers would be none the wiser. An enclosed studio in Sydney looks exactly the same as an enclosed studio in Rio, in fact it might look a lot better if they choose to build something special using some of the money they save.

That said, it is all just heresay at this stage so we will have to wait and see. It does seem strange that Mel McLaughlin wouldn’t be travelling over given all the fuss they have made about her joining their coverage.

I’m sorry…but I will notice and it stinks of tight arseness.

Get all the crew over there and have a great set from the IBC. I’m sick of this cheap shit.


Yes it would be great if they could but it’s just not worth it for the ~50k viewers they will get for the bulk of their overnight coverage.

Save the money for something spectacular in Tokyo IMO.

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Viewers won’t know/care where their accommodation is or what budget their expenses are paid from, or which show they are aligned to. If they’re in Rio, they’re in Rio.


An enclosed studio may look the same in Sydney as it does in Rio but it becomes extremely clear where the coverage is coming from when the ‘essential’ elements of an Olympics coverage like interviewing medal winners and a network pundits/co-commentators are not being done in the studio but through a live cross. One enhances the viewing experience and the coverage while one detracts from it.

It was plainly obvious when Seven did it for Athens and it would be plainly obvious again if they do it for Rio. Frankly if they’re going to go down that path for all of their studio coverage, they deserve all the criticism they’re going to get from the media and viewers about it.

That argument can’t be right though since Seven signed at least (depending on whether the option gets activated) a three Olympics deal for somewhere between $170 and $200 million dollars. Unlike Ten with Sochi 2014, Rio isn’t the be all and end all in terms of Seven needing to try to keep the losses down since they can make it up through the other two games being in favourable timezones for audience numbers and advertisers.

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