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Surely Deb won’t stay at 9 just to do ACA 1 night a week.

Hopefully she can be found another TV role.


No surprise that 2GB will drop Deb and probably been on the cards a while given the arvo show has lagged the station’s score overall for some time. Deb’s fate was in the ratings numbers as I alluded to here a few days ago …

If they don’t go with Joe then Michael McLaren should take on Afternoons…he is very underutilised doing only 2 weekend shifts. It would be very surprising to me if they move J Stanley to arvo as he suits 2GB nights perfectly with huge numbers that also provide a strong lead-in for Ben in breakfast next day.

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This is actually such a shame. I’ve been listening to her quite a bit lately, and I think she’s really improved!
Her interview with the Optus CEO this week was a masterclass.
I wonder what else there is for her to do? I hope she’s not just shown the door - she’s been incredibly loyal to the company over the years.


Are we expecting to hear Deb on-air this afternoon?

Nine Radio Syndication page indeed confirms that Deb will not hold the slot in 2024…

Afternoons with Deborah Knight
replacement Joe Hildebrand 04/12/23 - 12/01/24 (Summer Break)
replacement Clinton Maynard (27/12/23 - 29/12/23 only)
TBC 2024

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Man Deb’s had a rough decade or so, essentially being shown the door for Sandra Sully (when Ten first re-structured in 2011 after Late News original incarnation was axed), then various and on/off roles at Nine, including Sydney Weekend News (and again dropped for Georgie Gardner) and Today (dropped from that too along with the team) and who knows about Saturday ACA - you’d think not enough to justify a network contract nor herself. Do wonder if Nine might axe that, cost wise, you look at Seven’s cheaper alternative regularly holding up/doing decent in Border (sometimes top non news and wins timeslot) and movies (cheaper long-term extracting value from wider licensing agreements vs expensive local commissions).

As for 2GB, not totally surprised, but because of what happened recently with Dee Dee at 3AW in the same slot. Tom Malone & Co must be really under pressure crunching the numbers.


Deb still on air this week and has confirmed she is “stepping back” from 2GB afternoons after Friday’s show. She’s advised she’ll be taking over Money News across the network from next year.


So what will happen to current Money News host Brooke Corte?

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Not sure, Brooke seems not returning after her mat leave. Deb did mention that current host Scott Haywood will still be a part of Money News next year. now carrying Deb’s announcement.


Yet another reason why 2GB should not have let Chris Smith go, Hard to understand how Deb hosting Money News will help with her family commitments.


I think Chris Smith let himself go


I am happy that Deb will still have a full-time role at Nine though it’s a pity for Scott Haywood to lose his Money News slot of which he’s done a great job hosting over the last 12 months. Though I suppose someone has to miss out.


Deb hosting Money News. Hmmm. Could work if tightly scripted and plenty of briefing notes, but it’s a shame someone with a financial background isn’t going to host it.

Giving Deb a more newsy show and fewer “what’s your favourite sandwich filling” segments is a better fit for Deb’s skillset. Seems like it could work well if executed properly.


Didn’t Deb host Sunday Financial Review on Nine? Plus a finance show on 10?


Yep, Deb hosted Financial Review Sunday.


Interesting if this was paned or maybe a coincidence as Deborah’s EP has left recently. I quite liked her show. But they could have made it a bit more newsy as well. Unlike drive or mornings I don’t think the early afternoons show can solely focused on news however.

Dismantling 2GB as the power station was the biggest mistake Nine Radio made when purchasing the station and tweaked the dialogue!

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And more will go before survey one commences.

Have you ever looked at those stations? I still find it hard to believe the old dinosaurs put women on air in the first place.

I saw a terrible clip of Deb interviewing the Optus CEO the other day and was aghast at how she was trying to morph into this angry shock-jock, so something more newsy is much better for her.

Mediaweek reports Brooke had told Nine Radio boss Tom Malone that she wasn’t ready to return from maternity leave.

Deb Knight new host of Money News on 2GB, 3AW, 4BC & 6PR

Accomplished journalist and broadcaster Deborah Knight will be taking on a new role across Nine’s radio stations as the national host of Money News, commencing in 2024.

With more than 30 years’ experience in radio and television news, Deb has interviewed some of Australia’s most powerful political figures during her time in the Canberra Press Gallery and covered breaking global stories, including the September 11 terrorist attacks, re-election of George W Bush, and the Iraq War as a foreign correspondent.

Following her successful role as Sydney’s Ten News at Five Bulletin, Deb joined the 9Network in 2011 and has shown her versatility as a reporter and presenter across a range of programs, including Sydney’s 6pm News, Today and Weekend Today, and A Current Affair, which she continues to host each Saturday evening.

In addition to these prestigious news and current affairs roles, Deb was also the founding presenter and reporter for Financial Review Sunday, where she further honed her experience in the economic, business and financial fields.

On her new role, Deb said: “It has been a joy to host 2GB’s Afternoons over the past four years and I’m thrilled to be staying within the Nine Radio family, taking on a broader role and a new challenge as national host of Money News.

“From the cost of living crisis, to increasing inflation and interest rates, there has never been a more important time to be bringing Australians the financial news that matters to them, and it is a privilege to be able to do this on such an esteemed program and radio network.”

Head of Content at Nine Radio, Greg Byrnes, said: “Deb’s versatility as a broadcaster and journalist makes her the perfect choice to host Money News. The program is an integral part of our weekday line up and plays a key role dissecting the pressures facing small business and household budgets.

“Deb knows finance and our audience knows and respects her. I’m really pleased she’s agreed to lead Money News into 2024 – as well as new projects across 9Podcasts, and continuing her regular column for and working on A Current Affair.”

Money News is broadcast across 2GB, 3AW, 4BC and 6PR from 7-8pm, Monday to Thursday, and is the premier destination for listeners to get their daily wrap of business and finance news.