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Remember that ABC has been braking that 2 station rule for the longest. They have 5 stations. 3 AM: Radio National, ABC Melbourne, News Radio and 2 FM. ABC Classic and Triple J

I’m pretty sure that the ABC don’t have the same two station rule that commercial stations do.

Although in any case, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it dropped even if only in metropolitan markets.

Surely 2 analogue stations is enough in one market for any metro broadcaster where they also get access to another chunk of spectrum with digital radio. If they really want to program a different format station, use one of their digital stations and stop copying each others’ analogue offerings.

Thanks for the context.

The ABC is exempt from the rule, as a non-commercial entity.

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Continuing from 2CH 1170 Sydney:

Meanwhile, Johnny Young has popped up on the Magic1278 and Magic882 websites.

He’s come full circle then as he was a presenter at Magic (693) when it first started in 1994.

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It seems like that 2ch magic 1170 is sharing the same playlist as magic 1278. Be interesting if for some shows if they will deviate like the elvis show on sunday night.

Yes, they changed to the Magic 1278/882 log on changeover.
According to Kel Richards who started early last Sunday because the Elvis show wasn’t on.
He said management have decided to drop the Elvis show, & said he wouldn’t elaborate on that any further.

but there is no reason why 97.3 cannot be called “KIIS” as unlike Melbourne there is no other station in Queensland/Northern NSW that uses either KIIS, KISS, KISS FM or anything with names sounding like them. Same with Mix 102.3 in Adelaide or 96FM in Perth.

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@TheHomeOfMusic yes that’s true, no reason it can’t be called KIIS 97.3… other than that it’s the dumbest name for a radio station in Australia that ever was ;). Just my opinion of course, but really, naming a station after a 1970s Los Angeles AM station? Using 4 letters when Australian FM stations have 3? And spelling a word incorrectly? Don’t get me started :slightly_smiling:

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I strayed onto Magic 882 today and I might say the music has SLIGHTLY improved from what it was when they first started taking it from Melbourne. Still a long way to go to get back to where they were and still sounding too “old”, but must admit it is sounding more upbeat than Smooth on occasion.

I wish they’d do something. 973FM is such a dull boring name.

From what I’ve heard of the Magic format since it finally arrived in Sydney, I think the music format is OK, perhaps a little more upbeat than Smooth and I think there’s even been some songs played that haven’t had a run on Sydney radio in a while.

If you were to ask me how Magic 2CH will go ratings wise, I think that it’s highly unlikely to beat Smooth 95.3 (initially at least anyway) although with a decent external promotional campaign (with ads on TV, etc.) that focuses more on DAB+/streaming rather than AM I think it might do OK after a while. If nothing else, it should outrate 2DayFM! :stuck_out_tongue:

Setting expectations at ground level :slight_smile:

@NRN11 Wrong thread I know :slight_smile: Yes I can understand 973FM seems a bit boring, but like Perth, Brisbane has a longstanding ‘tradition’ of calling stations just by their frequency, dating back to Radio 10, FM104, B105. Not to mention most of the high-profile community stations in Brisbane just go by frequency - e.g. 99.7FM, 96Five, 101FM. Similar to Perth’s 96FM, 94.5 etc. It’s a different history to Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide as far as naming stations go. Anyway sorry to be off topic.

@SydneyCityTV I’d love to see Magic 2CH beat 2Day FM. I think they should do ok in Sydney as they have a bit less competition for music on the AM dial. Brisbane and Melbourne have another AM station playing music in their markets (4KQ and 3MP).

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I agree! :slightly_smiling:

Unlike the situation in Melbourne where you’ve got 3MP and where you are in Brisbane where there’s 4KQ, Magic 2CH is the only station on AM radio in this city (the largest in Australia, no less) that’s playing music while the other commercial AM stations just run talkback.

That said, I still think there needs to be a promotional push for Magic 2CH and a major focus on DAB+/online as listening options in that especially since it’s becoming harder and harder to get decent quality AM reception in Sydney anymore.

I agree they need to promote it and focus on the DAB component. Unfortunately if Brisbane is anything to go by the promotion of Magic was pretty lacklustre. There was a campaign of posters at bus stations but that’s about it. On-air they talk about the DAB and online delivery, but the wider promotion just isn’t there as yet. Hopefully they’ll do more in Sydney.

One thing I’ve noticed is the announcers on Magic, whether they’re in Melbourne or Brisbane (Donna Lynch) talk about events and callers from particular suburbs without making any reference to whether they are in Brisbane or Melbourne. I just heard Donna mention someone turning 100 in a suburb I presume was in Melbourne and then talking about another caller in Alderley, which is in Brisbane. Earlier today one of the daytime announcers (in Melbourne) was talking about an event at the Kedron-Wavell Services club which is in Brisbane without clarifying it was in Brisbane not Melbourne. Seems a little odd as surely listeners are aware they’re talking about suburbs that aren’t familiar. Maybe they should just clarify it each time - e.g. such and such calling from Alderley in Brisbane (?) etc.

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Ideally callers would just be from Richmond, Richmond or Richmond.

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