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But if Brown is single again then it’s not fake news? The SMH has had a gossip column of sorts for decades though. Long time columnist Andrew Hornery never makes up stories - and he is usually spot on.


But now gossip is spreading throughout the newspaper and written by many “journalists”. When a story is based on a photo of a woman talking to another man as proof she has broken up with her boyfriend, then you know it’s pure speculation, rumour mongering and probably wrong.

Liv, 29, has been spotted at Tamarama getting close with a barrage of blokes after a surf session while Chris, 40, is away in South Africa filming I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!
A bystander reported the petite blonde seemed close to one male in particular, emerging from the ocean looking “smitten”.

How can I refute such evidence. :joy:


If people are clicking it, they’re only responding to demand. Sad but true.


Stuff (Fairfax’s NZ subsidiary) is up for sale. RNZ Article.


Caitlin Fitzsimmons, current editor of Money section in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, has been promoted to associate editor of The Sun-Herald, but will continue her fortnightly columns in SMH and The Age.


Is this the last collaboration between ABC and The Age after the paper’s change of ownership?

a joint Age - 7.30 Report investigation


Would that style of investigative journalism be appealing to Channel Nine’s viewers? I doubt it and would think there’s still opportunities for The Age/ SMH /ABC joint investigations. Surely it would also help maintain an appearance of independence.


9 has hired Brooke Boney and using the SMH and likely Age on Monday to give her profile.


Brooke Boney’s interview was on The Age’s Green Guide last Thursday.


Was she the subject or reporter?


The subject. A full page feature interview on the back page of Green Guide.


I can see the link but they had an interview with Tim Worner taking up a whole page in SMH yesterday too so it seems balanced. Today is a talked about show, there’s news value in profiling Boney because she is the first Indigenous woman to present on a commercial tv breakfast show I think.


Clementine Ford has ended her column on The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, criticising their publisher and saying she was disciplined over a tweet calling Prime Minister Scott Morrison a “f***ing disgrace”.


Glad to finally see the back of her. She’s got terrible politics. Not someone you can be proud of.


Won’t be missed. The lefty’s apologist, The Saturday Paper will pick her up now.

Objectively, the tweet was disrespectful to the office of PM.


I was never a fan but she sometimes provided respectful commentary. Mostly though it was angry, abusive and nasty ranting that detracted from the really good points she was often trying to make.


I suspect she has a few issues and Twitter doesn’t help.


Another joint reporting by SMH, The Age and Nine News. Chris Uhlmann co-wrote this.


SMH and Australian Financial Review recognised at tonight’s Sport Australia Media Awards.


So Clementine Ford has appeared in The Saturday Paper today with her take on what’s going on behind the scenes at Nine’s newspapers.

Still Independent. Always?

Meanwhile, phoned to cancel my subscription and they offered 50% off fot six months - for the fourth time in a row.