Nine Publishing (formerly Fairfax)

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Probably just a handful of the SMH and The Age, I’m guessing, similar to how The Age is available in Sydney at select newsagents.


If it’s The Australian, you’ll know they’ll estimate downwards :roll_eyes:


I can understand why Fairfax wanted to stop distribution of SMH and The Age in Far North Queensland, but why the AFR? Isn’t AFR a national newspaper? Is it that expensive to fly dozen of copies from Brisbane? I hope AFR will still be available at newsagents at Cairns and Townsville airports.


By the time they get delivered there, it’s old news anyway. Why can’t people read it on their iPad or phone?


They get printed locally.


James Chessell, national editor of the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, has been promoted to Fairfax’s group executive editor of Australian Metro Publishing.


Today was Ebony Bowden’s last day at The Age. Before she flies to New York soon to explore more opportunities, tonight she won a Quill Award for her report on Melbourne’s road rage epidemic.


Finance commentator Michael Pascoe will file his last column on April 15.


Former editor-in-chief of HuffPost Australia, Tory Mcguire has been appointed the new national editor.

Also, former associate editor of The Age, Stephen Bartholomeusz will return to Fairfax next month to write a regular business column.


Maybe Fairfax just didn’t want him anymore if they have now hired another business writer.


AFR journalist John Stensholt tweeted last Friday evening he was leaving Fairfax after nearly 19 years to join The Australian.

The Australian reported on Saturday that Stensholt would be taking up a senior editorial role at the paper and head a new unit dedicated to developing content about Australia’s most successful companies and individuals.
Stensholt was the editor of AFR Rich List and also reported on business, news, personal finance and the business of sport. He began his career in journalism at Business Review Weekly in 2000.



Oh, groan. And this is “featured” :weary:


All about the clicks. Sadly it’ll get plenty.


I really hate how the Fairfax sites are just overrun with clickbait. They want to be seen as proper journalism but then they throw in all this buzzfeed-type stuff that is the polar opposite.

If they want to have a low-brow click-bait site, start up something separate, don’t drag down the news site.


So many errors!

Correction and apology

A story by Jonathan King last weekend entitled, “The little-known battle led by Australians which turned the tide of World War I” contained a number of factual errors.


As posted in Ten Network Holdings thread, Fairfax group general manager of finance Carla Webb-Sear is joining Ten as chief financial officer, effective from May 14.


Cosima Marriner has been appointed the new editor of The Sun-Herald, effective from mid June ahead of yet another revamp for the paper. She has been deputy editor and feature writer for Sunday Life magazine since August 2016.


Julie-anne Sprague has been appointed the new editor of Australian Financial Review Rich List, replacing John Stensholt.


Regional papers have started paywalls on some of there pages the daily advertiser wagga makes you pay now to look at there content online


Inevitable I guess.