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According to Mumbrella, Fairfax was keen to continue the joint venture, but it was HuffPost management who made the call. It may also be related to redundancies at Oath, which through AOL owns HuffPost. HuffPost says in a statement it will operate a standalone Australian edition from December 1 with a smaller local team (i.e. contractors).


I kept rediscovering this existed every few months. It really was nothing too special and was easily overshadowed by other similar skewing ventures such as Pedestrian, Buzzfeed AU or Junkee.


It will be interesting to see if Lisa Wilkinson will stay on as editor-at-large, if she finishes her association with Huffpost it could be a good opportunity for Ten to get her onboard with their soon to be launched news site


As it turns out, Lisa has been appointed editor of tendaily.

Meanwhile, Fairfax has announced a new advertising partnership with Google, incorporating Google’s ad tech and programmatic technologies across the metro mastheads.



leading banner on The Age website:


I know it’s a very slow news cycle right now but seriously, enough of the lightweight, click-bait crap


The Age’s cartoonist Ron Tandberg has passed away. He was best known for his column width pocket cartoons of the news of the day.


I was shocked to hear of Tandberg’s death. His colleague Tony Wright wrote on December 23 last year that the cartoonist was having treatment for oesophageal cancer. I am a regular reader of The Age but somehow I missed it.
I have been a big fan of Tandberg’s work since I picked up The Age for the first time in 1988. His cartoons are simple but sharp and make people laugh about the subjects who are often politicians. He made a great contribution to The Age and Victoria in general and will be sadly missed.


Eleven Walklies including two gold says a lot. His simple style and cutting observations will be missed. As they say, a picture tells a thousand words and more often than not, the Tandberg would live up to that.


Shares in Domain Group fell by more than 10% this morning after CEO Antony Catalano resigned, to spend more time with his family. In the interim, Domain chairman Nick Falloon will act as executive chairman, with the leadership team reporting into him, while the company conducts a worldwide search for Catalano’s replacement.
EDIT: Domain finished the day at $2.75, down 17.7% from last Friday’s close.


Surprised it hasn’t been mentioned here yet, but long-time Fairfax journalist Michael Gordon passed away suddenly yesterday, age 62. He had not long stepped down as a political editor for The Age. Numerous journos and politicians took to social media yesterday to pay their tributes, by all reports he was one of the very good ones…


The Age website is undergoing a redesign. Personally I find it craps all over the Herald Sun site since its recent update so hopefully it maintains that superiority. As a subscriber, I like that there will be subscriber only material. Rarely ever bother logging in.


Good Weekend has also undergone a revamp and readers can see it for themselves when they find the magazine inside The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald this weekend. Main points from the Mediaweek article:

The core of the Good Weekend, which is long reads, remains the same. Most of the changes are at the front and back of the book.

Former Good Weekend editor Amelia Lester’s weekly column Foreign Correspondence has been moved to the front of the book, along with Dream Destination. The revitalised version of Good Weekend also introduces a new gardens column from the owner of Garden Life store Richard Unsworth, an arts column from SMH critic John McDonald and a column from Ben Law in which he talks to public figures about their private lives.

The refreshed version of the magazine also marks the return of reader letters. This section is aimed at interacting more with the readers by asking them to do things like post pictures of themselves with their copy of Good Weekend.


As posted in the 7.30 thread, Australian Financial Review political editor Laura Tingle is leaving the paper to join the ABC as chief political correspondent of 7.30. Another big loss for Fairfax but great gain for the public broadcaster.


The Age website was officially relaunched this morning. Looks good, although the mobile version seems to be taking longer to load each article than before.


A tasteful choice of picture.


here’s another one, this one from The Age:


That’s the best picture they could put to that headline? No picture of said “female Indigenous board member”?

Even the article has pictures of Alisa Camplin and Paul Licuria, so while Jodie Sizer makes the headline (without being named) and opening paragraph, she doesn’t warrant a picture. And while Eddie is mentioned in the article he is not quoted at all in it. So why the picture for that headline and why one with the cringe? Pathetic click bait and making me more sorry that I am paying them for a subscription.


Veteran Age journalist Michael Gordon was farewelled at a memorial service at the MCC Members Dining Room in the MCG this afternoon. It was announced that Fairfax will set up an award in his honour for social justice journalism.


Fairfax will stop distribution of The Australian Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age in far north Queensland from 26 March. The Australian estimates only up to 400 copies of the AFR are being printed in the region on weekdays.


I didn’t know that the major Fairfax newspapers were even distributed in Far North Queensland.