Nine News Presenters and Reporters


Brett McLeod on Nine News Melbourne needs to raise his chair slightly as he looks too short for the desk.


Has Stephanie Anderson joined Nine from ABC?


A couple of telephone books ought to do the trick


What are they? :thinking:


Well done Clint!


Sophie Walsh was back presenting Sydney weather last night.


Ken Sutcliffe on The Cricket Show right now.


There’s been a few new reporters on Nine News Sydney lately.

Tiffiny Genders and Michelle Taverniti are a couple I’ve seen in the last few days.

I assume they are just filling in for regular reporters over the summer non ratings period…


Both Tiffany Genders (who I think is usually the Sydney news reporter on Today?) and Michelle Taverniti have been at Nine News Sydney for quite some time now, but I think they’re mainly in a producing or behind the scenes role in the bulletin which may explain why you don’t see them on air as often as some others.

And of course, they both used to be reporters on radio: Tiffany came to Nine from Macquarie National News while Michelle was at the now-defunct 2UE newsroom before moving to TV! :slight_smile:


Both have been reporting for Weekend Today for about 6 months now.


Elizabeth Bryan presented Early News this week.


Jayne Azzopardi presenting Friday Morning News.


Deb Knight is presenting on Friday & Saturday in Sydney this week.


Erin Molan presented Sport too. Along with Sophie Walsh on the weather, it was an all female presenting team on Nine News Sydney tonight!


Isn’t it usually? Georgie usually presents Friday and Saturday with Erin and Belinda.


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Deb Knight is presenting in Sydney tonight.

Thankfully. No more Fordham.


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Seems that … Jayne Azzopardi … will also be Sydney news reporters in 2017 as they are featuring on the promo.
[/quote] Jayne has been reporting for a number of years, and IMO should anchor when Pete, Georgie and Deb are unavailable.

As Amelia told me in November via Twitter, Davina is/has returned to the Morning/Afternoon News, but yet we are yet to see her roster. I daresay Deb Knight will return to Friday Morning/Afternoon News in a number of weeks.

[quote=“lepatron, post:1222, topic:148”]
Thankfully. No more Fordham.
[/quote] Hear, Hear.


I completely agree, of course. Jayne Azzopardi is one of the best news reporters in Sydney and a great fill-in presenter. Someone who’s talents should be utilised by Nine more often IMO!

Presumably Amelia Adams will go back to Nine News Now when she returns from maternity leave, probably in mid-late 2017?

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Yeah, I’m sure he’s a decent guy but Ben Fordham probably should stick to 2GB and ACA in the future.


Yeah and Today Extra. Maybe him and Sonia can finally get that show axed! :wink:


@nationalnews Brett’s second weekend on First At Five News,Alicia had a one week holiday prior to starting on Today.

Brett has been presenting Melbourne 6pm News for 2 weeks.Peter Hitchener returns on Monday.