Nine News Presenters and Reporters


Thursday (21.02.2019): Alice Monfries is presenting the Early News.


Friday (22.02.2019): Zara James presented the Early News.


Elizabeth Creasy is presenting Nine Live Perth this afternoon. Do i remember that see presented the weather at one time in 2018?


I hope Annette Sharp wasn’t watching Nines 6pm Sydney bulletin tonight…


I missed it, please elaborate!


Is Chris O Keefe leaving 9News Sydney based on that tweet from Ben Fordham that Lizzie Daniels is the new NSW political editor?



Are the positions of NSW Political Reporter & Editor one and the same at Nine though? I’m not familiar with how their Macquarie Street bureau is structured.

In any case, I’m sure Elizabeth Daniels will do well at Nine. She’ll be in good company too with Kelly Fedor, Tiffiny Genders & Matthew Woolfrey (no doubt there’s others I’ve missed, although I certainly remember all those reporters from their radio days) among those from Macquarie National News Sydney who’ve made it big at TCN in recent years.


CONFIRMED: NSW State Political Reporter Chris O’Keefe has been promoted to Nine’s Canberra bureau.

Lizzie Daniels will replace O’Keefe as Sydney’s Political Reporter/Editor. Chris O’Keefe will still be involved in Nine’s NSW election coverage this year, though.


Oh, that’s really good then. Remembering some of his work here in NSW (like that Walkley/Kennedy Award-winning story during the hospital crisis a few years ago), I’m sure he’ll do an even better job on federal politics! :smiley:

So is Chris staying for the campaign or is he moving to Canberra soon with a brief stay in Sydney for NSW Election night?


Is Chris replacing Lane Calcutt or someone else in Canberra?


Chris’ appointment begins after the NSW election.

I’d say Lane.


Unless someone else is leaving soon, I would guess that COK is taking over the spot that Lane Calcutt recently left behind, being the 2nd in-line reporter to another Chris.

Even taking into consideration that they’re all used in different shifts, it’s still interesting how Nine seem to have a need for at least five reporters (Chris Uhlmann, Chris O’Keefe, Airlie Walsh, Fiona Willan and Jonathan Kearsley) covering Federal Politics in Canberra though. Isn’t this the same network who has recently axed their Mackay & Darling Downs services and only has one state politics reporter even in the most populated states?



It’s a federal election year.

And Nine unlikely made the regional decision itself. Even if they are connected, think about the net benefits: more federal coverage in an election year for the whole country or continue to fund bulletins that few people are watching and Nine/SX is not required to provide.


Corey Norris presenting sport on First at Five News and Melbourne News this weekend.


Interesting… I wonder what this does to Yvonne and his living status… but again Joel Dry and Jessica Milward did something similar during the 2016 election.


Five reporters over a 7 day roster and filling bulletins from 5am - 6pm in multiple time zones plus online news commitments doesn’t leave much to spare.


Nine has confirmed some movements that I see have been speculated here.


Chris is a good reporter, but I can’t see him being a Laurie Oakes type.


I disagree. He constantly breaks news and his massive contact list and dogged resolve to chase stories means he’ll be very, very good in his new role.