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One of my biggest gripes with reporters is when they insert unnecessary pauses when they’re talking, in particular when they insert a pause a few words before the end of their report (ie, instead of saying something like ‘and the man is waiting for his family to return home’ it gets changed to ‘and the man is waiting for his family (pause) to return home’ (generally with a downward inflection).

Some Ch7 reporters do it all the time and it’s really frustrating, however on Saturday I was listening to a simulcast of the Ch9 news and they were outdone by Julie Snook (I think that’s her name). I don’t know if she’d been told to stretch out her report but all the way through she inserted these ridiculous pauses, to the point that I all I noticed were these pauses rather than what she was saying. Perhaps it was more noticeable because I was listening to the news rather than watching it but (pause) she was awful…


Nathan Currie presented sport on Afternoon News in Melbourne .


Tuesday (05.02.2019): Melissa Downes is live in Aplins Weir and Garry Youngberry is live in the Whitsundays covering the floods for the Brisbane bulletin. Andrew Lofthouse is reading the rest of the day’s news in studio.


Wednesday (06.02.2018): Melissa Downes is anchoring the Brisbane bulletin live from Idalia with special coverage on the Townsville Floods. Garry Youngberry is live in Airlie Beach with the weather. Due to technical difficulties, Andrew Lofthouse is presenting the rest of the day’s news from the newsroom.

Jonathan Uptin did sport.


Shout out to Melissa Downes. She did a stellar performance leading the bulletin, under difficult circumstances. Her delivery was seamless, without an autocue. Definitely developed her skills under previous management.


Thursday & Friday-
Elizabeth Bryan presented Early News.


Thursday (07.02.2019) - Friday (08.02.2019): Andrew Lofthouse is anchoring the Brisbane bulletin live from Townsville, covering the recovery from local flooding. Garry Youngberry os live in Ayr with the weather.

Melissa Downes is reading the rest of the day’s news in studio.


Sunday (10.02.2019): Garry Youngberry presented Brisbane’s weather tonight.


Julie Snook is presenting Early News.


Mark Burrows is presenting Morning News & Sydney Afternoon News.


It’s beyond me why Julie doesn’t have a permanent presenting role… she’s aced that early bulletin for years and underestimated… she’s better then some the presenters in the TCN newsroom who do get more airtime then her.

I’ve met her in person such a down to earth friendly lovely woman.


You could say the same thing about quite a lot of Nine News presenters/reporters, unfortunately.


I’d be willing to guess the reason why might have something to do with…


Of course, I agree that Julie Snook deserves a permanent presenting role or far more airtime at the very least. 10 News First really should try and pick her up for any future re-expansion IMO!


State Political Editor:


It should be noted that 9 News Melbourne and Alicia Loxley were almost 100k ahead of 7 last night (Sunday). The best performing city for 9.


It appears that Jarrad Brevi has left Nine News Adelaide after nearly to become a reporter for the Sydney newsroom, with his first report for TCN airing last night.


And last night the gap was only 10k.


Julie also presented this morning.:grinning:

Julie presenting for the rest of the week.


Tony Jones is presenting Melbourne sport from the SCG tonight.


(12-13/2/2019) Michael Atkinson is presenting sport in Brisbane tonight.