Nine News Presenters and Reporters


Sunday -
Madeline Slattery presenting Melbourne’s weather tonight from Melbourne Park.


12 & 13/01/2019
Louise Momber is presenting in Perth this weekend.


Funny that she hasn’t presented the weekend bulletin since before her maternity leave a year ago.


Sorry, what’s funny?


Like that i find out strange


Monday -

Elizabeth Bryan is presenting Early News.


Jeffreys’ has updated her twitter bio… from Today show to Nine.


Has the URL always been on her profile? Could be a hint of what her next primetime move is…


I’m pretty sure she updated it when she was updating everyone on Twitter during the MH17 today show coverage. As if you go back to her tweets from that date she was tweeting heaps… Edit… my mistake… only once but did keep people updated.



Clint Stanaway is reading Sport in Melbourne tonight


Samantha Heathwood is presenting this week in Brisbane with Jonathan Uptin presenting sport from Melbourne Park. Garry Youngberry has returned from holidays for the weather.



Is Lane retiring?

If so, another big loss to the network’s federal politics team.


Not sure, but I’d guess that Lane would probably be in his 60s now.

Especially 18 months after the retirement of Laurie Oakes!

As much as I’d be equally happy if he stayed in Sydney and gave politicians at Macquarie Street a hard time (particularly in the lead-up to the State Election), personally I think Chris O’Keefe would be a great successor to Lane Calcutt. Although with Chris Uhlmann, Airlie Walsh, Fiona Willian & Jonathan Kearsley, it wouldn’t be overly surprising if Nine decided to stick to four core reporters for their Parliament House, Canberra bureau.



Yes, surely 4 Canberra based reporters is more than enough.

Even WIN’s local Canberra news bulletin only has 3 local reporters and that is “supposed” to be for 30 minutes of local news!


Friday -

Sophie Walsh is presenting in Sydney with Cameron Williams presenting sport from Melbourne Park.



Lane Culcutt is leaving Nine’s Canberra bureau not the network.

Great to see them continuing to give Sophie opportunities to present.