Nine News Presenters and Reporters


Looks like Nine might poach someone for weekends. Good on Deb for staying though, she is an absolute asset to Nine.


Peter Overton is back tonight.


Brett McLeod presenting 5pm again tonight.

Glad to see Pete back tonight!


Wow, that’s pretty early! Wasn’t expecting Pete to be back on air for at least a couple of weeks.

Hopefully Nine will still give Pete the massive “Celebrating 10 Years” promotional campaign he deserves though! :slight_smile:


Seeing as Cameron Williams presented A Current Affair on Friday, I’m wondering if he’s back tonight too.


Maybe Allison Langdon will replace her in April after she returns from maternity leave.


Tim McMillan back on Nine presenting Garda Downunder


Erin Molan is presenting tonight’s sport.

Edward Godfrey is presenting in Adelaide.


Erin is doing sport all week in Sydney.


Just saw that pic in my feed. Why is that jacket still in circulation?? :joy::joy:

Though, they could’ve made Samantha wear it for the regional news instead, free publicity!


Monday -

Lizzie Pearl is presenting Early News.

Alice Monfries is presenting Morning & Afternoon News.

Alicia Loxley is presenting in Melbourne with Corey Norris presenting sport and Justine Conway presenting weather again this week.


Some very special visitors for tonight’s @9newsqueensland bulletin. I’m so happy my kids can finally see what I actually do!!


Truly! And that famous dress…


Monday (07.01.2019) - Friday (11.01.2019): Samantha Heathwood is presenting in Brisbane again this week with Nicole Rowles on the weather. Michael Atkinson is presenting sport.


Michael Thomson is back presenting in Perth.


Tuesday & Wednesday -

Sophie Walsh is presenting Morning & Afternoon News.


To be honest, I can’t see Deb leaving Sydney 6pm.

Maybe they could rearrange Peter Overton’s days to Saturdays to Wednesdays so Deb can have the weekend off (if she wants too). We know she rates as well as Overton anyways.


That’ll never happen.

Pete’s got young kids. He’ll want some part of the weekend to spend time with his family.

I’d say Deb will stay on. It’s not like the Saturday is a full day anyway. She’d be in there 5-6 hours tops.


I’ve got no doubt that Peter Overton will eventually take a few weeks off air, probably during the 2nd half of the year since Nine will really want him on board for Sydney’s news during what’s expected to be a jam packed (Australian Open, Elections, etc.) first half of 2019.

Doesn’t Deb also have kids? Somehow I can’t see her working six days a week for overly long.

Now I could be ultimately proven wrong on this but for now, if someone was to predict that Mark Burrows will become the Friday/Saturday + main fill-in for Peter Overton on Nine News Sydney (with Jayne Azzopardi as the 3rd in-line) at some point during 2019, I probably wouldn’t disagree with them.


As I’ve said before, it wouldn’t surprise me that when Allison Langdon returns from maternity leave that they might rearrange the days so that Deb can work four days (Tuesday-Friday, sort of what Georgie Gardner did when she was still newsreader) on Today and Allison Langdon can host with Georgie for the remaining day. Deb can then do the 6pm Sydney news + Today.

Probably unlikely to ever eventuate but that’s probably the better solution compared to appointing Mark Burrows for the Sydney 6pm news.