Nine News Presenters and Reporters


That would be great!


Alicia Muling presenting sport in Melbourne again this weekend.


Good to see Jayne Azzopardi presenting Nine News Sydney for a second night. Surely a vast majority of people on Media Spy have to agree that she’s way better than the reader Seven News Sydney has on tonight?!

Really? I would’ve thought that Nine News Sydney would want to distant themselves from the drama that has been Today over the past 12-18 months.

Putting aside my well known personal opinions about his presenting style, Mark Burrows would surely have to be the leading contender? Mind you, it does have to be said that I’d personally be quite happy if Jayne became Sydney’s new 3rd in-line presenter (even if IMO, it should’ve happened last year)! :slight_smile:


Friday & Saturday -

Rob Canning presenting sport in Sydney.

Saturday -

Sophie Walsh presenting weather in Sydney again tonight.


Yikes, no thanks. Deer in the headlights with zero authority. Jayne or Davina Smith are better options.


They’re seriously risking the stability of news ratings with all this chopping and changing of weekend news presenters. Appointing Sylvia Jeffries would be a huge mistake. She just isn’t well known enough and people who do know her associate the Stefanovic scandals with her. Time to get serious and groom someone suitable to take over from Overton should the need arise. I’ll be watching Usher on Seven if Jeffries or Karl is reading Friday / Saturday.


They would be crazy if they gave Karl the weekend news. Surely it won’t happen.


Saturday (05.01.2019) - Sunday (06.01.2018): Samantha Heathwood is presenting in Brisbane this weekend. Dominique Loudon is presenting sport and Ebony Cavallaro on weather.


…and Rob Canning again presented Sydney sport tonight, just incase anyone was wondering about that! :slight_smile:

I agree.

Hard to believe that about 2-3 years ago, we were talking about how instable Seven News Sydney were with their weekend presenters compared to the stability at Nine. That shoe is well and truly on the other foot now!

When we were seeing her do fill-in presenting on national news bulletins and weather while Amber was on maternity leave in Early 2014, I probably would’ve made comments about Sylvia Jefferies having the potential to be great future talent for Nine News Sydney at that time. But now, I agree that she’s (unfortunately) probably far too associated with Today and their recent Stefanovic scandals.

The more I think about it, I wonder if having Mark Burrows as Nine News Sydney’s 2nd in-line presenter and Jayne as the 3rd in-line makes quite a lot of sense from a strategic/future planning point of view? That way, Mark Burrows can have a regular presenting position for a number of years before retirement while Jayne Azzopardi uses the 3rd in-line presenting role as an opportunity for Sydneysiders to become more familiar with her as a newsreader before eventually becoming the main Friday/Saturday & Peter Overton fill-in newsreader in the post-Burrows era.

I’d probably even go as far as saying that Jayne might even be young enough to become the main presenter of Nine News Sydney after Peter Overton retires, but that’s looking a bit too far into the future!

Others will no doubt be different, but I’m definitely going to be an Usher watcher if Mark Burrows becomes the new Friday/Saturday newsreader on Nine Sydney!


I’m so shocked mate! :smirk:


Sylvia would be a far better presenter than Mark or Jayne IMO.

Could we actually see Deb doing a 6 day week and doing both roles?


Now it makes sense why Jayne is presenting the weekend news. Mark Burrows must be presenting weeknights next week so Deb can get ready for her new role!


Presenting 21 days straight according to her Instagram post.


you’d think they would have learnt :man_facepalming:


So Hitch/Tony/Livinia all on leave currently?


moreso I would have hoped, like a vast majority of people I’d suspect, that viewers would have grown up and got over it by now.


Peter Hitchener returning from holidays in Melbourne on Monday 14 January.


I’ve just read 9Honey interview with Deb Knight about her new role on Today, it mentions she will continue presenting the 6pm News in Sydney on Friday and Saturday nights for a while.
It will be interesting to see how long a while will be.


Interesting if she does what Georgie used to do and have Sunday & Monday off… or work 6 days.


According to what l read it will be a 6 day week with Sunday her day off.