Nine News Presenters and Reporters


Friday -

Sophie Walsh is presenting on Nine News Now and weather on Sydney News tonight.


hahaha - that’s brilliant. They all get on great mate.


Friday -

Rob Canning presented sport on Afternoon News today.

Mark Burrows presenting in Sydney with Rob Canning presenting sport and Sophie Walsh presenting weather.


Friday (21.12.2018): Andrew Lofthouse is still anchoring solo in Brisbane. Aislin Kriukelis presented sport tonight with Ebony Cavallaro on weather.


Brett McLeod presenting First at Five News and Melbourne News this weekend.


With the changes happening to TODAY and with Deb Knight an option to join the show, could Karl Stefanovic be a potential option to do Sydney weekend news, keeps him busy, was always good at the serious news aspect of Today. Can still do 60 Minutes and This time next year as well.


Considering all the media attention that surrounds him l couldn’t imagine Nine putting him in a high profile role on the Sydney bulletin,it would tarnish the bulletin in my opinion.
More work on 60 Minutes would be good for him next year.


Saturday (22.12.2018) - Sunday (23.12.2018): Aislin Kriukelis is presenting in Brisbane again this weekend. Dominique Loudon is presenting sport with Ebony Cavallaro on weather.


Would 60 EP Kirsty Thomson want to work with Karl again after he slapped her down so severely in that Uber conversation?


Maybe if Nine ever launches a Late Night News again they’ll might get Karl to front it perhaps.


That crossed my mind but i think Late News could be the “exciting new challenge” Nine has in mind for Sylvia. With the amount of serious effort Seven is putting into The Latest I wouldn’t think Nine would want them to gain too much traction in that space.


Peter Ford has been reporting that.
I don’t think Sylvia is the best choice though, especially going against Michael Usher. You need a high calibre anchor like Peter Overton, Tracy Grimshaw or even Mark Burrows. I would also do a point of difference to Seven and resurrect Nightline- a serious news bulletin (no interviews). Stick Sylvia on weather somewhere.

So they sacked him from the network? That is a bold move particularly given his experience in sports reporting and commentaring. Personally, I always thought he deserved the weekend gig on Sydney’s weekend news because of his experience.


Strange that he will be hosting for the next three weeks. If I was sacked, I would leave immediately.


Yeah, he’s not going anywhere. Not yet anyway.


Sylvia is a fantastic anchor no doubt… but Today News presenting didn’t suit her… similar to Samantha Armytage fantastic on regular News just not Sunrise. I really hope Sylvia gets a regular role presenting daytime or if launched an evening late night bulletin.


Don’t know if the article is online but there was something in today’s Sunday Telegraph (probably from Annette Sharp, so take it with a grain of salt) about the possibility of replacing Amber Sherlock with Sylvia Jefferies on Sydney weather.

While I personally think “Jacket Lady” needs to go (should’ve been pulled off Sydney weather presenting duties immediately after that incident, if I’m being honest), personally I don’t think someone previously associated with Today would be the right fit. As I’ve been saying all of this year and probably also for most of last year, Nine News Sydney needs a qualified meteorologist to be their main Sunday-Thursday weather presenter if they want to keep viewers from switching over to David Brown!

I’m also surprised that Tim Gilbert has been let go from the Nine Network…if the rumours are at all true of course.

Personally I would’ve expected Tim to be the 3rd in-line Sydney sports presenter (can’t see him getting a higher position than Nine golden girl Erin, let alone main man Cam) and doing occasional presenting/commentary for Nine’s sports coverage if he was to end his association with Today.

Would I say that Tim Gilbert is a better newsreader than Mark Burrows? Maybe, but personally I think Tim’s fairly average (not horrible, but at the same time he isn’t this amazing presenter) at Sports presenting/commentary.

Would I say that Tim Gilbert deserves to be the 2nd in-line presenter before Deborah Knight or Georgie Gardner? Absolutely not!


Hang on, did you just say that Sylvia shouldn’t become 6pm weather presenter because nobody associated with Today should join the 6pm news, and then in the same post suggest Tim Gilbert should be on the 6pm sport?

Or did I misread it?


His posts are so long all the time he clearly confuses himself too. :joy:


What I’d personally like to see on TV as a viewer and what I think will actually happen in reality can sometimes be very different things! :slight_smile:

Just because I expect something to happen, doesn’t necessarily mean I want it to happen. I’d personally prefer to see Rob Canning, Julie Snook and Danika Mason chosen to present fill-in Sydney sports segments over Tim Gilbert.


Goodness me :joy: