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Tonight was the first time I’ve seen Chris O’Keefe on-air in a while!

Also I don’t know if he’s a fulltime addition to the team or just going to be an over Summer reporter, but former Nine News Queensland and NBN News journalist Nat Wallace filed tonight’s Nine News Sydney report on the chemical scare at the Wollondilly Leisure Centre:


He got married to Yvonne Sampson in late October so could’ve been on honeymoon.
Looking at his twitter he last reported for Nine in mid October.


Let me give you some advice from someone who has worked in media and worked/or maybe still is working at TCN. DO NOT MENTION Media Spy. At TCN it is frowned upon greatly, also I know you like to share your editorial judgement on here which is fine, but at TCN especially if you’re just on work experience or some program to visit. . . do NOT make comments about talent, sets and decisions being made because that is a sure way to get kicked out and blacklisted. You’d be surpised, everyone is friends with everyone and word gets around quick at TCN. Just someone with a friendly little tip for when the day comes :slight_smile:


When a then (now ex) Nine News Sydney employee was posting here a few years ago there seemed to be no problem.


Yeah, that’s true.

Now, onto the serious stuff…

I haven’t actually got any plans to make a visit to TCN anytime in the foreseeable future (only mentioned I’m yet to visit Willoughby in response to @littlegezzybear’s post :slightly_smiling_face:), but thanks for the useful advice.

Personally I hope my editorial judgement on Nine News Sydney (and other news/media operations) is generally fair and most importantly, within the boundaries of what’s acceptable on this forum. However, I can’t promise that every comment is going to be something Darren Wick, Simon Hobbs and Michael Dalton will all completely agree with!

If you want a longer talk, feel free to DM me.

Yeah but I don’t think that online user is really liked that much amongst many in the industry these days, especially since ending his association with another network.


I am sorry but what is wrong with Media Spy


Tuesday - Friday

Gemma Gunning is presenting Early News.


Danielle Post has returned from maternity leave.


She has been back for a couple of weeks.


Eva Milic anchored solo on the Gold Coast tonight.


Bruce reacts to Melissa promising another Aldi story on the 6pm bulletin :wink:


Friday- Mark Burrows presenting in Sydney


CONFIRMED: Michael Atkinson has impressed bosses and has replaced Sam Squiers as weekend sports presenter in Brisbane.


99% of industry have no idea this site even exists


A lot would.


It wouldn’t overly surprise me if this one was true with Darren Curtis’ on-air profile decreasing considerably since Jonathan Uptin got the weekend presenting gig back in March, but can anyone confirm this one?


Curtis’ contract ended with Nine (he was reporting in Brisbane all week) yesterday. Despite his demotion from weekends, I think he still could have replaced Bruce Paige on the Gold Coast news when he retires.

The environment at QTQ is questionable (or their style of journalism) as they have lost a number of their on-air reporters this year, including three of their most senior- Phil Willmington, Shane Doherty and Darren Curtis.


Not surprised to say the least. It was bound to happen the day Jono was appointed weekend anchor.

QTQ’s mass exodus continues.


We all know who should (but probably won’t) be shown the door at Nine News Queensland - their news director!

But instead, I’m genuinely starting to wonder long it’ll be until at least one of the weeknight presenters leaves Nine News Queensland.


The decision to move Jono to the Brisbane news is still a strange one given no one in Brisbane would have known who he was. Definitely one from left field.