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It makes you wonder if there could be some merit behind Ten possibly trying to acquire Jayne Azzopardi. I know that “Ten This Morning” Twitter account was fake, but it’s still food for thought. There’s really no reason as to why Nine wouldn’t utilise Jayne Azzopardi (or even Sophie Walsh) more for filling-in on the Morning and Afternoon bulletins, especially in situations like this. Maybe they have told management at Nine that they prefer reporting? Who knows.


I agree. The “10 This Morning” Twitter account was obviously fake, but the position that Jayne Azzopardi currently holds at the Nine Network (Sydney reporting & Weekend Today newsreader) is basically the exact same one that Sarah Harris was in before she defected to Studio 10, isn’t it?

Personally I think if Ten can find a suitable position for Jayne in their news/current affairs department, they should try and get her (and/or Sophie Walsh for that matter) over to their network.


Good point and interestingly Peter Stefanovic was just on the Nine News Now Chatroom today so he is in the studio… But obviously busy with other duties today.
@SydneyCityTV is Peter on your dubious quality presenters list?:thinking:


I thought Sarah Harris was just a news reporter/fill in. Don’t recall her as WT newsreader.


No she wasn’t. Sarah covered Leila’s maternity leave as host of WT for the latter part of 2012 and most of 2013.

In fact she was a top contender to replace Amber on WT but Alicia rightly was given the position.

I agree. It is great to have Brett filling in today. He used to do it all the time before they localised the Arvo News in Melbourne.


Personally I’d say that Peter Stevanovic is definitely on the dubious list, while Peter Overton is probably the best in Sydney/NSW, if not Australia as I’d imagine senior Nine News/Nine Network management would say if you asked them who their favourite newsreader is.

Yeah, that’s probably why I remember Sarah Harris from Weekend Today - her lengthy fill-in stint as host. I stand corrected on that one! :slight_smile:

But can we still agree that there’s similarities between Sarah Harris’ current role at the Nine Network prior to her defection to Studio 10 and the one Jayne Azzopardi holds now? Because from what I recall, Sarah probably wasn’t used by Nine as a fill-in newsreader on Morning, Afternoon and Sydney 6pm bulletins quite as often as they should’ve and now we can probably say similar things about Jayne!


Aislin Kriukelis presented Friday sport in Brisbane.


Bruce Paige’s 70th


Is it me or does anyone know why Scherri-Lee Biggs keeps on wearing this Ted Baker dress every second or third day into every month since August this year? Despite that i like the dress pretty much.


2/11/2018 (Last time being worn was also on the second but last month which looks like a month later)


I don’t think anyone is actually paying that much attention to be able to answer that.


Yesterday was her 9 year anniversary at Channel 9.


Perhaps that’s the cusp of her wash cycle? (as per Seinfeld parlance).

I am a creature of habit too - I tend to wear the same colour shirts to work each day of the week (Thursday is usually a shade of purple) :smile:


well I basically wear the same clothes on a two week rotation, maybe she likes it or has a contract with them to wear them, she’s still somewhat of an influencer in the modelling scene.

I’m gonna do that now holy moly that’s a good idea.



A few people at my work have cottoned to the fact that I usually wear purple on a Thursday… they say to me things like “so, Purple Thursday again, is it?”


Saturday -
Mark Burrows is presenting in Sydney tonight.


Ayrton Woolley is presenting sport on First At Five News and in Melbourne this weekend.


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That’s fantastic. As I’ve said many times before though, I still think Nine needs to utilise Jayne Azzopardi’s presenting skills on fill-in spots for the Morning and Sydney 4pm/6pm bulletins considerably more often than they do now if TCN doesn’t want her becoming another Sarah Harris (ie, a rival networks star) at some point in the future!

Haha, I knew someone would say that!

One would imagine that we’ll probably see Mark Burrows fill-in on weeknights for a couple of weeks over Summer? If so, I guess that will at least increase the chances of there finally being a decent Sydney 6pm newsreader over Christmas.


(3-4/11/2018) Aislin Kriukelis is presenting sport in Brisbane this weekend.


Sunday -
Belinda Russell presented weather in Sydney tonight.