Nine News Presenters and Reporters


Sunday (28.10.2018) - Monday (29.10.2018): Belinda Russell presented Sydney’s weather again tonight.


I think this marks Belinda’s 10th consecutive night in a row on Sydney weather, an effort which I will commend Belinda for despite not being a major fan of her presenting style.

Presumably Amber Sherlock will be back tomorrow or next Sunday at the very latest. Either way, I personally still hope we’ll get to see Sophie Walsh present Sydney forecasts on at least Friday & Saturday nights (because won’t Belinda want some time off after a marathon effort?) after her Royal Tour reporting commitments are over.


Gabrielle Boyle presenting Early News this week.

Monday -
Mark Burrows presenting Morning News & Sydney Afternoon News.


B has an amazing work ethic… I think she will push on.


She’s doing a swell job. Don’t know why so much hate… she’s improved since her earlier news presenting days. She’s learnt not to smile as much with serious stories as well as the weather.


Yes, I don’t mind Belinda either.


Renae Henry in Bali where she reported on the Lion Air Boeing 737 that crashed shortly after takeoff in Jakarta


Michael Thomson has returned to presenting Perth’s 6PM bulletin.


@SydneyCityTV Amber Sherlock returned from holidays today.


Peter Stefanovic is reporting from Jakarta tonight.



(31/10/2018) Eva Milic presenting solo on the Gold Coast tonight.


Scherri-Lee Biggs has returned to presenting the weather on Nine News Perth.


Elise Baker has left Nine News, she has returned to Adelaide however is now at 7 News.


Really, Jeez loved her reporting for Nine… they probably could of made more of her and trained her up for presenting she has the talent and skills.


From a Sydney perspective I’m sad to hear that Elise Baker will no longer be seen on Nine News Sydney but at the same time (especially if she’s originally from Adelaide) I’m happy for her because being at a high rating news service like Seven News Adelaide, a lot of people will get to see her reporting! :slight_smile:

Personally I wonder if Nine might offer the TCN reporting position that’s been left behind to Alice Monfries? Of course it’s possible that Alice might also find that her heart is in Adelaide & return there after her position in Sydney comes to an end when Kate Creedon returns from maternity leave, but I’d imagine that TCN really want to keep things stable.


Deb Knight has been filling in for Ben Fordham on his afternoon radio show on 2GB from Monday -Thursday, and reading news on Today this week.
And presenting her usual Friday night bulletin in Sydney, as we all know Deb is use to working long days.


Friday -
Brett McLeod is presenting Morning News & Sydney Afternoon News.


That’s interesting… Why Brett for Sydney, when there’s many other presenters who are more familiar to Sydney viewers that they could have used?


I’d personally rather see Brett McLeod used to fill in on the Morning & Sydney 4pm bulletins over some of the dubious quality presenters TCN has chosen lately, but let’s not go there again!