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No promotion and it starts in two weeks. It might be brilliant according to nine but really… Can they launch it successfully so quickly. Especially when their network is on the nose.


I think there’ll probably be a massive promotional campaign (which should be hard to completely miss) for Doctor Doctor by the time the show starts airing.

Knowing the Nine Network promotional department, you’ll probably also hear Steve Britten say in the promos airing in the lead-up to September 14 that the premiere of Doctor Doctor is “The biggest Australian drama event of 2016” or something among those lines! :wink:


Hugh Marks on Bruce Gordon’s move to oust him:

“Bruce Gordon is very hard to predict” …
“I don’t know that he’s that happy about some stuff".

Full story:


The Nine Network was stung by an extra $7 million in legal costs last financial year, securing the release of a 60 Minutes crew detained in Lebanon and fighting court battles with Bruce Gordon’s WIN Corporation and Kerry Stokes’s Seven Network.

Nine Enter­tainment is weighing up a plan to shift to a North Sydney skyscraper specially crafted to fit the requirements of its television operations, with the potential shift winning favour in media and advertising circles.


A large window looking out to the Bridge and beyond would look nice on the news and Today.


yes, but they’d soon cover it up with a screen if their ratings in Melbourne or Sydney dip.


Nine Entertainment Co is looking to buy a majority stake in CarAdvice website with the intention to have 100% ownership within three years. News Corp reports CarAdvice’s shareholders had accepted a $35 million offer from NEC’s Nine Digital division. Car Advice is Australia’s biggest largest independent automotive content publisher with a unique monthly audience of over 600,000 and was started as a blog project by Alborz Fallah in the spare bedroom of his parents’ Brisbane home in 2006. Currently it sponsors a car show on Steve Price’s evening program on Macquarie Radio at 9pm Mondays.

EDIT 14/9: NEC has confirmed it bought a majority stake in CarAdvice for a reported $35 million. CarAdvice will control how it uses NEC’s TV and digital assets to promote the business.


[quote]Nine Entertainment has entered into exclusive discussions to relocate to a high-rise tower in North Sydney when its lease at Willoughby expires.

The new “home of television” is likely to be the proposed Winten Property Group’s 1 Denison Street project, on the site of the current North Sydney Shopping World. Winten paid $80 million for the property which is also known as 77-81 Berry Street.[/quote]


I wonder if that means we can expect “live crosses” to a reporter standing on the balcony “Nine Gold Coast News” style?


Nine Entertainment has appointed Fairfax Media’s business development and commercial partnerships manager, Nathan Powell, as director of digital sales product. Nine has also promoted Anthony Mogensen, director of Bing strategic, to head of digital Sydney as well as promoting the company’s head of consumer behaviour Anjuli Plozza to head of digital Melbourne.


Andrew Backwell has resigned as Managing Director Programming and Production at Nine, effective from the end of October. Nine says in a statement he will pursue new career opportunities with his responsibilities to be assumed by a number of existing Nine executives.


No doubt due to the poor ratings this year?

Remember when David Mott left Ch 10 similarly in 2012?


Although I’d imagine that Nine’s current ratings/revenue position is a little healthier than Ten’s was back in 2012…


Nine has had better years and some things haven’t worked out but they are still coming 2nd in terms of network and primary channel share. That’s not exactly poor ratings.


Poor ratings, oh you mean Channel 10, where they celebrate if something hits 600,000 viewers in primetime?


Nine has sold its stake in Southern Cross Media

Nine Entertainment Co. today sold its entire 9.99% holding in Southern Cross Media at a profit of about $30 million.

Nine Entertainment sells stake in Southern Cross Media

Nine sells Southern Cross Media stake

It delivers Nine (NEC) with a profit of around $30m, but dampens the chances of media sector consolidation should proposed industry reforms proceed.


The Australian is linking the resignation to a “ratings plunge” by Nine

Nine programming executive resigns after ratings plunge

The Nine Network’s Andrew Backwell, a key programming executive, has resigned after 14 years with the free-to-air TV group following a ratings plunge.

Nine has had an underwhelming ratings year, with the gap between itself and the No 1 network Seven widening to unprecedented levels, placing further pressure on the programming team.


Interesting development. Wonder what has spooked them?


My “theory” is that they want the value of the regional TV licences to drop hence they are no longer promoting changes to the reach and ownership rules. They they will then buy back in or just buy the TV part of SCA.


With a theory like that your name is very appropriate! This theory though does make sense and they’d have to be some sort of a plan with everything they’ve been doing the past few years, it would seem very odd to just drop it and that’s it.