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Billionaire mining mogul Gina Rinehart has settled her defamation case against Channel Nine and production company Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder over her portrayal in the 2015 mini-series House of Hancock.


New Nine Entertainment Co new ad for selling their own television & digitial media sales opportunities, labeled & web domain is ‘


Bruce Gordon is reportedly seeking to have Nine CEO Hugh Marks sacked and for Gordon to apparently have some influence at Nine, says The Australian, and that he and other shareholders are unhappy with Nine ratings, lack of US content, share price and profitability.


it’s called deliberate misdirection… instead of focusing on their plummeting ratings and revenue, let’s focus on someone else. Not going to work Bruce.


Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder…

They produce Highway Patrol (via Greenstone), Bondi Rescue, The Living Room, The Recruits, Keeping Up With The Joneses, etc?

Didn’t they?


The Living Room is actually produced by WTFN, who have offices in TEN’s Pyrmont building. They also produce Bondi Vet, Long Lost Family, Dr Lisa to the Rescue & The Wild Life with Tim Faulkner (both on Nine) to name a few.


Bruce has got his finger in to may pies, still just sour grapes over losing the affiliation rights… And I personally hope WIN never go back to be the Nine affiliation…


Surely this should be enough for the government to investigate and force Bruce to sell his stake in Nine over a conflict of interest.


While it’s quite hard to predict what will happen even in a year or two from now as the tectonic plates of the modern media landscape move constantly, somehow I won’t be surprised if Nine do just fine without having WIN as their major regional affiliate partner.

As far as this outsider can tell, Nine wants their network and it’s branding in regional areas to become just as strong (if not stronger, of course) as the Seven Network and it’s branding currently is in regional areas while WIN probably wants to keep it’s own local brand going for as long as possible, regardless of what network affiliation it has. You can probably understand why that might’ve caused some conflict between the two parties around the signing of regional affiliation contracts.


Or just delay his next flight out of the country.


Local residents are upset about proposed changes to the Channel 9 Willoughby site redevelopment by the new owners that would increase the height and density of apartments and allow retail and child care businesses.

Looking at the aerial view of the proposal on the DT website, a couple of the apartment buildings are right bang next to the television tower. No way I would be living in those buildings.


I thought all of that would be contingent on Nine selling Willoughby and relocating (to the Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park, which seems to be the likely site).

This ALSO involves the transmitter being moved to Artarmon (on the 7-10 Tower) and the current transmitter tower at Willoughby being dismantled.


Nine have already sold the site.
I would expect the tower would be dismantled. There’s not a lot of services on it, most related to internal Nine comms (i.e. not broadcasting), with the remainder mainly a relatively small amount of mobile phone comms which could be relocated fairly easily, and would most likely need to be upgraded anyway if they plan on adding over 500 residents to the area - I’d imagine have the mobile networks would set up sites on the roof of one of the new buildings.


The tower is staying. From August 2015:



Maybe we will see further integration of NBN into Nine now?


I think the plan was always to phase out the NBN brand by the end of this year, and given that the 6pm news (and network bulletin logo coverups) are the last bastion of the NBN brand, they appear to be on track to do this anyhow.

There seems to have been very little viewer backlash so far.


Since NBN Television is now basically “Channel Nine Northern NSW” aside from NBN News and associated promotion/logo coverups as of July 1 this year and knowing that Nine has grand plans for regional TV news in partnership with SCA in the other East Coast regional markets, I won’t be terribly surprised if NBN News is fully integrated into the Nine News family (including a full rebrand to Nine News, NBN content on, etc.) within the next twelve months…


I would be surprised if it DOESN’T happen within the next SIX months.