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Heather is one of the lucky ones and has a job at Stuff to continue the weather role on weeknights.

I would have taken the opportunity to replace Flynny as well.

Paul’s okay, isn’t he? Admittedly most of my exposure to him was while he was on ZM (a while ago now). I don’t really listen to More FM anymore so no idea how good (or bad) he might be now.

I think most of the shows sound much the same these days on all the stations and i dont think it matters which 1 you listen to they all seem to be competing for the same audience

I think most of the shows sound much the same these days on all the stations and i dont think it matters which 1 you listen to they all seem to be competing for the same audience

That’s not quite right, is it Rod? The Rock won’t be competing for listeners of The Breeze. would they? Plus the content would be different as well.

Of the more middle-of the-road stations (Classic Hits and More FM) then yes I think your comment would probably be more accurate.

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Not right at all, not many similarities between a voice-tracked solo drive show with John Dunstan on Coast to a live Jay and Dunc show on the Rock for example

Sorry i meant the likes of zm more hits and the edge…the others certainly not so i should have been specific

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I just didnt narrow it down whoops

Have to say I do tune into The edge sometimes and you’d think it was More. Edge could do with a new content director I reckon

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The Edge actually needs to make way for George FM. I find myself listening to George over Edge most days; better shows, and I actually enjoy the music library more on George even though I don’t listen to a lot of dance music usually.

MW has made some very inconsistent decisions with Edge - especially with host rotations. It lost its way when FVM left, then when JJMD was split up. Has never recovered since.


I dunno, I think you’ll find The Edge rates a lot higher than George does, and I imagine Mediaworks would be hesitant to move a high-rating station just to try something different.

Having said that, I think the station started going downhill after Jason Reeves was forced out - but that’s just my 2c. I always thought he was quite good as the straight guy, keeping things on the level. After he left, Dominic didn’t really have anyone to keep him in line, and he just went totally off the rails. I lost interest in the breakfast show after Jason left anyway.

The Edge has consistently been declining in survey ratings (not even in the top 5 stations for share in NZ, Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch as of last survey) as George has slowly been increasing its share in recent years. They’ve got the formula right on George.

I do agree with you though… it would be very bold of MW to go all in on George FM.

Jason does a great job on coast breakfast

Starts 5am tomorrow.



Oh I think Jason does a great job anywhere. He was really good on The Edge and just as good on Classic Hits. I would listen to him on Coast but I can’t stand Toni Street.
Still pains me the way he was pushed out from The Edge all those years ago - maybe the other two should have left instead?
As a refresher:

Ridiculous how he was the one who got pranked and left/was forced, yet the other two got to keep their jobs at The Edge.
Unfortunately for JJ and Dominic, their behaviour (and the poor way the incident was handled) forever changed my opinion of them, and not in a good way, either.

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Totally agree it was a classic case of workplace bullying and its often the wrong person who gets forced to move on and no lessons get learnt i doubt that would be acceptable now

Another senior MediaWorks boss is leaving.

The Breeze content director Will Maisey is joining NZME as Head of Talk and will lead Newstalk ZB and GOLD Sport.

I guess one of his first jobs will be to figure out what to do about the 12pm-4pm slot.

(As reported in Media Insider, which is quite interesting today)


no official statement or press release but it’s listed on more fm show page…
sarah and flynny

@Michael_Eccles When a popular radio personality leaves, a promotional image may be replaced by just a plain logo (e.g. More FM) or the name of a radio show (e.g. “The Breakfast Club”).

In the style of Edna Krabappel (voiced by the late Marcia Wallace) from The Simpsons:
Logos and text only. Ha!


Imagine if he was to take Rob and Jeanette with him for that slot . But probably not the best fit. Then again I said that about Simon Barnett …

MW in need of 3 content directors now for More, Breeze and imo The Edge

I actually reckon Robert Rakete could go alright there, but I doubt it’ll happen.

My guess is Andrew Dickens will take charge Mo-Fr.