Network Ten and Paramount+ Football coverage

Or next March. We’ll see.

Why March? Unless of course they want it to be EPL style.

The FA want an NPL aligned calendar. It will probably be October though.

This thread has a catchy title.

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The APL, according to sources, is also close to finalising the sale of up to 20 per cent of the competition to an unnamed private equity group.

The Australian Financial Review last month reported that the New York-based Raine Group had been tasked by the APL with conjuring a capital infusion of between $100-150 million.

The ALP plans to use a portion of any proceeds to cover production costs for the five games per week to be streamed on Paramount+.

Under the terms of the broadcast accord, it’s understood Network Ten will only produce one match each week.

Exiting TV rights holder Fox Sports paid $15 million annually in production costs.

The one match would be one A-League game and one W-League game. (Both Semis and the Grand Final will be 10 produced)
The rest would be APL produced. Potentially though there would be a ‘core’ team contracted to APL, but 10 would pay for broadcasting costs for their game/s.

The money from Ten won’t be enough to cover the cost of the APL covering the games that will be on Paramount+ so they needed to find more money which is why they are selling 20% of themselves? That’s how I’m reading it.

Correct. This is also for their new ‘Beckham/Cahill Rule’ Designated Player rule. Discussion > Football⚽️.

This from Phil Rothfield


On the back of securing the A League TV rights, Channel 10 is now chasing Socceroos games. Their next task will be pulling together a commentary team. We told you last week match caller Simon Hill will head up the new team. Fox Sports also have three world-class commentators in Mark Bosnich, Robbie Slater and Andy Harper, who will no doubt be approached to jump. Adam Peacock is also off contract at Fox Sports


These will be a good pick up if they manage to get them.


They kind of need to be the home of soccer now. They did a great job of the AFL and even built big bash into a huge success. So there is no reason they can’t do the same to soccer.


I really hope there are some doubts about a couple of them.

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Peacock and Andy Harper definatley, along with Zappone and maybe Thompson, would be the only ones I’d bring over. Slater if you have to, but NOT Bosnich. Anyone but him.

Hopefully they’ll be able to get Lucy Zelic across too. She would be great with Adam Peacock as hosts of the coverage.

Now that’s the games they really need if they want to be able to build the sport’s profile on FTA.


Yes I see Lucy and/or Adam Peacock as main studio hosts and anchors. Simon Hill as chief play by play perhaps they can also lure David Basheer from SBS as a secondary play by play caller. Then you’d have a couple of special comments pundits in commentary with a couple more in studio analysts.


how likely is 10 securing Socceroos & Maltidas? We were told Amazon & SBS were in front, but who knows at this stage where its at.

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Have a feeling he will stay at SBS until then World Cup at the end of next year at least. They’re going to need someone to call the Australian matches (should we qualify) and host. And tbh I don’t think he’s got the energy or vibe that 10/ Paramount would be going after anyway.

I’d love to see Francis Awaritefe back on our screens. Don’t know if he has too much on his plate now though or not.

He has called for 10 in the past when they covered the LA Galaxy game at stadium Australia.

If 10 are only covering 1 game a week with APL doing a generic coverage for the paramount + games we may see two distinct teams. One for main channel coverage and one for streaming.

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SBS’ closure of The World Game branding and Zelic’s departure makes me wonder whether they see a future in Football coverage

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I keep forgetting the APL part of this. Definitely a possibility then.

Awaiting a pivot to Sex Before Softball.

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