Narrowcast and AM Narrowband Radio

The ad agencies say that not me.

All good, I was implicating myself as someone who’d listen to dance music at 7am but appreciate I’m in the minority.


Does that involve staying up all night?! :rofl:

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Poor Moto!

If i may riff off that scene in Dr Who - The Ultimate Foe after the Master has transfixed the sixth Doctor with a bombardment of sounds and lights: Glitz: “So, he’ll be a zombie?” The Master: “Temporarily!”


If you can prove (with hard data) that people do want to hear it and are listening, they will buy into it. Plenty of good examples here & overseas, trouble is most narrowcasters don’t have that data.

Clear reception of 3GL in Brisbane tonight co-channelling with the Newcastle. Sometime, the only station received and at good levels.


I was browsing through the local narrowcast stations and noticed:

Noise FM 87.8 is now playing those classic rock artists like Taylor Swift and Gayle and I type this Shiver by John Summit & Hayla (an EDM track) all whilst promoting with IDs that they are “Rocking Penrith” and “Penrith’s home for Rock”….

Radio Haanji 1674 out of Blacktown is mostly dead air these days, some times there’s audio but then it will fade out to nothing.

2ME 1638 now has news spots done by the ABC, with the ABC TV News theme in the background, I wonder if it’s produced by the ABC for 2ME as it’s in English and not Arabic.
Also I heard an interesting ID before a song saying “Here is another classic from the super radio network 2ME” :thinking:, though I highly doubt any connection to 2SM.


Is there any rule that the ABC, being a national broadcaster, has to provide a news service to commercial stations if they request it?

Back in the 1970’s, 3CS Colac (a commercial station) used to carry the national part of the 15 minute ABC bulletins at the same time as on the ABC. These were usually not on the hour, but at odd times, e.g. 6:45 & 7:45 on 3LO, 7:15 on 3AR etc.


2ME has activated its Canberra service on 1647 kHz. I’m not sure when this occurred. It’s the only ‘X-bander’ on air in the crappital.


I’m not sure about any rules around that but I do know that some regional commercial TV channels used to relay the ABC TV News in the 1960s. RTN8 was one such station.

Not that I know of. 4KQ and 4GG in Queensland took the ABC 7:45 am news back in the day but otherwise had their own news at other times.

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ABC have a syndication service just like Nine Radio has… well in fact most media outlets have syndication… like NEW FM airiing Kyle and Jackie O… and indepedent stations air the overnight MMM show live on their stations…

Here is info on ABC Syndication:

Just pay them and you get the news.

And here is info on Nine Syndication:

I remember an online station taking Ray Hadley’s show at one stage.

You also have these other news services:

Air news is pretty good because they have veteran experienced journalists.

For community radio stations.


Again, for those who want to listen to 3GL Geelong (technically the HPON successor):

No direct stream but you can listen here:
Click to start, click on the frequency box and enter 1341 and hit enter. Click “AM” for the full bandwidth. These SDR radios are pretty slick.
Map for world SDR (receivers) (not all are broadcast Medium Wave)