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Which is a usual MRN management tactic.

Which doesn’t exist, the MRN/FRN merger killed that off.

Thank goodness this forum doesn’t come with photos, Google images returned some doozies.

It’s the MRN way.

Remember the allegations of the mistress of that exec? Makes Seven and News a great pair.

Please do.


I wonder how Alan’s contract negotiations went as John Stanley is filling in for Steve Price who is doing Alan’s breakfast shift tomorrow morning?

EDIT: Looks like Alan is on leave according to the Macquarie Media Syndication website.


Gossip around town that the endless Clive Palmer commercials combined with the high percentage of appalling commercials is driving 2GB listeners away in droves.


Coincidence? I think not. Sounds like Gloria is refusing to go on air until a new contract is signed and Macquarie pays him the amount he believes he is worth. I might try that tactic with my boss…


Let Stephanie take the open calls between 6 - 6.30am.

I know this is move to the far right but it would be compulsive listening.


I’m afraid to ask because I feel I know the answer… but who is Stephanie??


Regular caller almost every day but she tends to be too political


Stephanie from Kirribilli. Alan’s biggest fan and more rabid in her views than Jones or Hadley. She used to frequently complain to the ABA about broadcasters on 2UE.


It’s probably been asked before but isn’t Stephanie that really old sounding woman that (from what I recall of some discussion on pre-Discourse Media Spy) Ray Hadley essentially once barred from calling his program?

Doing a quick Google search, Mike Carlton was one of the 2UE announcers Stephanie made complaints (which I believe were rejected) about to what was then the ABA in 2002.

Carlton apparently had a comedic character with the name Stephanie (with a different surname, but still likely based in part on Alan Jones’ most famous caller one suspects), probably in his long running “Friday News Review” segment.


Alan’s leave has been on Macquarie Syndication’s website for weeks. Alan made mention of it the other day…something about a medical procedure.


Are we sure it’s not Bryan Wiseman?


Brain insertion or removal? :rofl:


Heart transplant

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The Australian has heard rumours around 2GB that if Alan Jones leaves, Hadley would move to breakfast and possibly either Ben Fordham or Karl Stefanovic would takeover mornings with the other doing drive. It is also reported that Andrew Bolt found it more financially viable to leave Macquarie than stay as he was given a payout. I wonder if Jones has a similar exit clause? The Australian claims that 2GB is now averse to paying high salaries.


They would as they always do against competitors. I gave up on their media reporting long ago due to the lack of objectivity.


2GB news at 7am - lead story:
“The New Zealand Government is considering cracking down on gun laws in the wake of the Christchurch massacre”

To “crack down” on something is “to get rid of it”. For example, to crack down on underage drinking. To crack down on speeding. I doubt the NZ Government is thinking of “cracking down” on their gun laws.

I think they meant to say “The New Zealand Government is considering tightening gun laws…”



Not really. From the Cambridge Dictionary.

crack down — phrasal verb
to start dealing with bad or illegal behaviour in a more severe way


Exactly - you can crack down on guns.

But not gun laws.