Macquarie Radio Network (Talk)

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We can hope Hadley is retiring, but he probably won’t!


Maybe Alan can go to 2SM :slight_smile:. Do breakfast there.

Now that would be interesting. Shame 2SM not in the ratings.


I said that earlier… bring back the Jones & Laws lineup.

Bill could afford Jones surely.


Better still what about 2CH. Breakfast with Alan Jones and Classic Hits during the day :).

2CH would need to move physically if that was to happen…


Jones playing whatever he wants - show tunes, opera, Laura Branigan, Gilbert and Sullivan. Now that would be a great show.


Ray is just a youngster compared to the average age of the 2GB audience… the listeners refer to him as “young Ray”


For me I’d just be an interested observer if Alan Jones went to 2CH, to see how the ratings would go… Could 2CH be a number one AM station in Sydney with primarily music format in Sydney? Or Ray will keep 2GB at the top.


Even if parts of 2CH are a bit on the Christian conservative side, Alan Jones presenting 2CH breakfast is a bit like having Kyle & Jackie O presenting WSFM breakfast or an ex-Triple M announcer on Smooth FM: Completely incompatable with the station’s traditional audience, I think.


Yeah, his music choice might be better on Fine Music 102.5.


Has Andrew Bolt left 2gb? Have not heard on Steve Price’s show for a while.


Yeah I noticed that aswell.
Has he left the station as come to think of it I have not heard him on his weekly Chris Smith segment.


He’s on “radio holidays” whatever that means.

I noticed on their new competition that if your name is read out on air you have 10 minutes to call the studio to wish the cash. So they’ve finally ditched the “call in 8 minutes and 73 seconds”


He put something on his blog about taking excess leave. I’d have thought he were a contributor or freelancing, rather than on staff.


Probably because 8mins 73secs means very little to 1116AM and 1206AM, etc. network stations.


According to Ben Fordham last week (or possibly the week before) at the start of the usual weekly segment with Bolt and Graham Richardson, Macquarie management has direct Andrew to take leave that was owing to him. He must have a lot of leave built up to trigger that kind of direction…I’ve only experienced it when I have managed to build up double my annual leave allocation.


So he sounds like a part-time employee with annual leave rather than a contractor.


According to Twitter, 6PR will carry the Football Nation call of the W-League Grand Final this Saturday. Coverage commences at 1pm AWST.


Interesting that 4BC DAB+ slideshow is showing “talking lifestyle” and “Macquarie sport” nothing else

Macsport has no slides!


Does anyone know if Mike Williams is likely to return to weekend overnights on 2GB. Actually is was a terrible programme and Luke Grant has been hosting for a while now. Interesting to note that Clinton Maynard has seen the light and moved across, albeit only temporarily.


Listening to 2GB over the weekend and heard a new male V/O during the news.

Could this be the end of their current V/O (the same male as Sky News)?

It’d be the first refresh the station has had since before Jones & Hadley moved from 2UE.