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Yes @Frankie.


Before Alan Jones it was Garry O’Callaghan for breakfast and Sammie Sparrow were on 2ue. Very different styles. I think 2gb had Mike Carlton in those days.


My memory is 2GB was making inroads into 2UE’s dominance with the news-talk format. Mike Carlton was dominating the Breakfast slot on 2GB when John Laws was at that station in the mid 1980s. When Laws returned to 2UE they moved Allan Jones from Mornings to Breakfast, replacing Gary O’Callaghan’s lighter show, in an effort to beef up the news content and replicate the success 2GB was having with news-talk.


Phillip Adams did breakfast at one point… but I can’t remember the sequence.

There was Gary of course, during the CBC days Gary was still on breakfast and Jones did an hour in the morning… I think George Negus and Don Lane were also in the mix.

Maybe when they unwound CBC, it was Phillip Adams for breakfast then Jones for a regular 3 hour morning shift. I think at this point Gary departed for 2KY.

Jones then went to breakfast… how he fit in during the “All Time Greats” format is another mystery (for me at least)


Had forgotten O"Callaghan left the station during the period Packer owned 2UE.


Though Alan does like show tunes. All Time Greats also still had the rugby league coverage on the weekend. That format was as successful as 2GB Mellow Rock.


He came back during the 90s ? and did early morning shift on weekends.


Yeah. He was only at 2KY for a few years. He came back after the Lamb family regained ownership of 2UE after Bond crumbled.


How good is this. Spotted in BIGW.


I saw it in JB Hi-Fi the other day and I nearly lost my lunch.


Alan & Ray have done quite a few CDs before, if I’m not mistaken.


On the clearance table?


In the toys section? Because CDs make quite good frisbees. Weapons if you sharpen them enough. :wink:


91% Sydney 2GB content on 4BC has resulted in no difference to 4BC, look back before it went downhill in 2013, better results.


well at least Ray isn’t singing any songs on this CD! :smiley:


Peter FitzSimons is hearing that Alan Jones contract may not be renewed when it expires mid next year.


Well he was eventually going to have to leave - either by being sacked, through his various illnesses and injuries or in a body bag. He’s 77 years old, he’s no spring chicken. Depending on what new overlords Nine want, he won’t necessarily have Singo in his corner to back him up.


If only Fitz’ prediction rings true.


It will be the financials that kill him off figuratively speaking.

No amount of outrage will do it unless it hits the bottom line, particularly while his ratings remain strong and there’s no sign that they’re flagging.

Fitz is flying a flag here, there may well be an undercurrent of some dissatisfaction but I don’t reckon it’s anywhere near a conclusion.

He’s spot on about one thing; Hadley will replace Jones whenever it happens.


You’re already spared. Don’t listen. No one is forcing you to.