Indigenous Voice to Parliament

I noticed and actually thought how sad they had to rely on a YouTuber for that footage which has been used often over the years. Turns out they’ve probably pinched it from the ABC (several stories online use the exact shot) and have attempted to disguise it by passing it off as a YouTube find. Surprised the producers thought they’d get away with it.

I used to think Jacinta Nampijinpa Price was at least somewhat articulate and held some slightly reasonable views at times, but this is really pathetic and ignorant coming from her.

I don’t know if she really mean it or just trying to stir division but what she said about colonisation seems to be straight from Pauline Hanson’s playbook. Just disgraceful really. It’s ill-informed comments like hers that will be inadvertently endorsed if the No vote wins because of the crap that she’s spewed recently.

Also possibly trying to bring even more attention to the No case, all publicity is good publicity on their case. Trying to further push back the nearly in tatters Yes campaign would be their priority as we approach October.

Call me a cynic, but I cant see the Yes campaign getting themselves back to a majority in a month. I’m also sceptical about it due to the usage of Aussie celebrities and corporations to promote it’s case.

It also doesn’t help that:

I am still quite undecided, but leaning towards a No vote. But agree that her comments were somewhat distasteful towards some.


I think this has been a catastrophic error of judgement from the ‘yes’ campaign. If there’s one thing that people hate more than being told what to think by celebrities, it’s being told what to think by big corporations. Especially at a time when cost of living is so high, seeing the big supermarkets, big banks, Qantas etc. spend money on supporting the yes campaign instead of making things more affordable for their customers doesn’t come across well.

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Oh I’m not denying that the Yes Campaign have left themselves in a heap of mess and that’s the reality. I’m merely pointing out that Jacinta Nampijinpa Price’s comments were absolutely disgraceful and offensive.

She might be of Aboriginal heritage but she doesn’t speak on behalf of all Indigenous Australians. She should try and tell what she said to those who have been victimised by the Stolen Generation and other disgraceful acts of discrimination in the past with a straight face. I’m sure that will go down well.

Trying to tie this to the referendum is another example of the disgusting gaslighting and garbage bag that the no campaign has indulged in.


It’s easy to claim there isn’t an issue when you have no direct experience of or exposure to the issue and it really feels like this is a big factor in what Price is saying.

I’m no fan of Price, but are you (a white person) really suggesting that a first nations person doesn’t have the right “experience” or exposure to know what they’re talking about? A white person telling an indigenous person that is just astounding.

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Not all Aboriginal people are living in poverty and going through hardship.

Just saying.

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No, I’m not - what I’m suggesting is that people’s lived experiences can have a significant impact on how you view an issue, despite any evidence to the contrary. Just because you haven’t experienced or seen a particular issue, doesn’t mean that it isn’t one.

A number of Price’s comments (not just her most recent ones) represent positions that are at odds with the same held by many, including official Government positions. The evidence against her most recent comments is pretty overwhelming too.


I understand she has experienced domestic violence in the past, it would not surprise me if the trauma of this has led to her developing her current views, as flawed as they may be.

Next step, Home and Away & MKR.

and he’s doing The Cheap Seats tonight (i think it gets taped this afternoon?) and has done a ‘welcome’ message to Neighbours coming back. His media peeps are pedalling hard right now.

More bad polls for the Yes vote.

So even if a miracle happens the best case scenario for Yes proponents is a very narrow victory. Would that be a good outcome though with Australians split down the middle? This Referendum has become Australia’s Brexit moment IMO. I think the whole thing was badly thought out with no broad consultation, and poorly designed from the get-go. I’m a Labor party member and the party didn’t even poll its own members on it! They just assumed their membership and voters would follow along. Hopefully lessons learned.


That TPP from Essential seems at odds with Roy Morgan yesterday.

Not a great surprise

Pollinate chief executive officer, Howard Parry-Husbands said: ”In the few weeks since our first round of research on the Voice, the ‘Yes’ vote remains smaller than the ‘No’ vote and the gap was widened a little.

“The ‘You’re The Voice’ TV commercial has exposed an angry and divided Australia. The ad clearly evokes powerful emotions but our research suggests it has hardened people’s opinions.

“Many of the ‘No’ voters think there is not enough detail and are angry at the lack of clear information for such an important issue. They want clarity, not a cuddle,” he said.

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It is nice to at least occasionally have some common sense. Logic, not emotions.


It’s time the Yes campaign stopped blaming the polls on “disinformation” alone and acknowledged that a big part of the No vote is due to the lack of unity amongst first nations peoples on the proposal.

Looking at footage of the No rallies across the country and they were full of indigenous Australians. One indigenous woman interviewed was a firm No as to her it meant ‘assimilation’ and stopping future ‘tribal claims’.

How are Australians expected to vote Yes when there is such division amongst the people this change is supposedly going to help?

How would a Voice even operate in this environment, where indigenous people are so divided? Would they simply ignore opinions from within the indigenous community that don’t follow their script?

The Yes campaign will say that it’s a tiny minority of indigenous Australians who are opposed to the Voice - but where is the evidence of that? Actual evidence? Polling?

I understand the No campaign will be running ads featuring indigenous Australians opposed to the Voice.

I can’t wait for this shit show to be over. The whole thing has been an embarrasing debacle caused by hubris and incorrect assumptions.

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