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That reminds of the old C91.3 billboard that used to be located on the Hume Mwy heading out of Campbelltown towards Sydney back in 2016, which is also at the northern edge of its licence area. Since then, at that same location, it advertised Nova 96.9 & I think KIIS as well.


They forgot Eskimo Joe, Little Birdy, and Sara Marie ft The Sirens (“I’m So Excited”).

In other news, Hot 91 advocates the playing of “quokka soccer”.


Nineties weekend on River 949. Can’t recall one before - usually eighties.


He’s moving from 3SH/Mixx Swan Hill & will start on his new role on Monday 17th September.


I was reminded of this comment today - saw an ad for Gold 104’s Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show “Ready for Melbourne” on a 7-11 in Geelong today - well outside the official license area.

I suppose given the tag line this is just part of a general inventory buy not them actively targeting Geelong listeners, but generally all the radio outdoor advertising I’ve seen in the Geelong area is mostly Krock with a bit of Bay, and nothing else, so it’s interesting to see.


Geelong is in the licence area isn’t it? I thought we went over this a while ago, it was changed or something (I’ve done ratings books here before)


Nope - it stops at Little River, while the Geelong market extends to Laverton. As far as I’m aware they’ve always been excluded for however long they’ve had a formalised license area.

It’s amusing that the ratings surveys ask for the specific Melbourne stations, yet the official reports don’t mention them and just have 60% missing on the table. Obviously the company doing the survey realise the real survey data needs to reflect the real world, but then Grant wanting to hide from the public the obvious conclusion that the bulk of listening is to Melbourne stations.


weird. I’ve done Melbourne books before in Geelong


Hmm. I wonder if they report those numbers separately, or as part of the overall ratings?

It makes sense to do that - as even if a listener is out of the official area, they are still a listener and a station trying to sell advertising would be trying to maximise the numbers they can say listen.

I suppose the reverse question applies - do the Melbourne surveys ask you about listening to specific Geelong stations, or just give you “other FM”?


I’ve seen Nova outdoor advertising in Geelong too.

Geelong is part of the surveyed area for Melbourne. All the methodology etc. is available on the GFK website.

Central Coast is not part of the survey area for Sydney, oddly given that Geelong is for Melbourne

I can’t quite remember but I’m pretty sure you can specify any non-Melbourne stations you listen to including community etc. however in the results it’s reported in ‘others’.
I think the specific stations involved can see a breakdown of what ‘others’ means - that is they could see if of 5% 18-24’s, 4.7% listen to K rock, for example.


To clear it up, the metro radio surveys are divided into regions.

The survey boundaries don’t need to match the licence area.

Sydney has a sole region based on the Central Coast for overspill (it did in the Nielsen days).

Melbourne has a region that includes Geelong.

When I get home, will try to dig up the PDF available years ago with them all listed.

Perhaps gfk still print the maps with the regions and someone could post first?


They sure do:


Interesting maps. Just wondering why Melbourne doesn’t have a “central/city” zone like the other cities. Seems unusual to say that the CBD is part of the “West”. Does anyone know why?


Balancing population spread?

Worth ringing CRA or gfk for the answer.



How many months non compete was he on from SCA then?


According to this article, Lenarcic left SCA on June 22 in the lead-up to its metro & regional business units being merged on July 1, so he has been on a non-compete clause for over 3 months.


  • we’re also broadcasting from Bundaberg for every one of those days. Should be added

Unlike SCA which has broadcast the playout for 93.1 from Maryborough when the program was shared with 101.9 and Townsville when it split around when the regional brands were destroyed. It’s only this year that they have a truly local facility not relying on another market.


2ST, 2EC & 2NM are doing “October Rocks” throughout this month.

Features during the month include:

  • Classic albums - 11am & 3pm weekdays
  • 20 Years in 20 Days - Weekdays
  • Daily dose of Bon (Jovi)
  • Stretto’s history lesson
  • 4 from Before - 4pm Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • Rock 5 at 5 - 5pm Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays