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Sundo dies at work:

Monday 2 July will be a day the staff at Murray Bridge would I’m sure be wishing didn’t happen.

Picture it, you’re part of a business that operates for widespread public consumption, in this case, a radio station. What a terribly difficult task to keep that running whilst your work colleague dies beside you at work.

Shock deaths are often the worst for most people, no time to prepare and adjust. To have such a death happen whilst at work would be terribly traumatic for many.

The Cameron’s have a fair number of management whom I hope are giving the required assistance.

Would be no surprise for Adelaide media outlets to offer their own support from their end of the freeway. As with all facets of SA life, the Adelaide media community is a small group and especially among electronic media outlets, do support each other.

As with Merrick without Rosso or Martin without Molloy; to say Ann Wills will be devastated is an understatement. They made for such entertaining pairing.

I was fortunate to hear Sundo’s breakfast show in 2015 and 2016 whilst in Adelaide and was suitably impressed. A man who had provided decades of high standard broadcasting had found his ‘second wind’ presenting breakfast for 5MU. His on air standard as sharp as ever, a high calibre talent in a market adjacent to the capital city. Off air, just the same, an abundance of personal enthusiasm for broadcasting.

The Murray Bridge newspaper included this Youtube clip with their coverage:


Looking at the “Now Playing” feature on their respective websites, it appears that 2ST, 2EC & 2NM have consolidated their music logs, much like what has happened with Power FM.


That’s a shame.

From my limited experience listening to both 2ST and 2EC (haven’t really heard 2NM during hours when they had music on), they’ve previously run a good playlist that worked well with the market.


I have notice the same with Classic Hits stations 4CA, 4MK, 4CC and Zinc 96.1. 4BU and 4RO seem to have their own Classic Hits logs.

I can never understand why both 4CC and 4RO have the same music format :roll_eyes: I guess if 4CC was to convert to FM they would relaunch as Star FM.


They’re just being cheap.

4CC has effectively already tried to convert to FM in Rockhampton.
They wanted to convert 1584 to FM to resolve coverage issues to Yeppoon and coastal towns.

The ACMA wisely said NO and only agreed to a low power FM translator near Yeppoon, with 1584 remaining for Rocky.


I had thought 4CC played different music to 4RO but I must be wrong. It seems very cheap if they don’t. They could really experiment a bit with 4CC. I mean they’re up against it against two FM stations and a sister station playing classic hits, why wouldn’t they be a bit adventurous? What have they got to lose. Maybe try soft AC or easy listening?


They do play different music however there is quite a bit of cross over between the stations.

4RO tends to play 60-80s with the odd 90s Power hit, where as 4CC plays 80s-Early 2010s with a few 70s thrown in.


When I was there at the start of the year, they had a different playlist, but music format was the same. I would keep 4RO as a classic hit station and have a 4CC as soft AC music format from the 70’s to now


That doesn’t surprise me. It won’t be long before the doom and gloom of a 45C heatwave afflicting the Hunter Valley gets relayed to temperate Tathra where rain and fresh southerly winds are on the menu.


Management changes at the company, with chief operating officer Alison Cameron promoted to CEO. Currently CEO Grant Cameron becomes non-executive chairman while Janet Cameron relinquishes her chairperson role but stays as an active board member. The search for a COO has now commenced.


But, presumably Janet Cameron is still the owner.


Until the day she dies.


Looking through the websites, I’ve noticed that Hot 91 on the Sunshine Coast, as well as Star 101.9 in Mackay, have changed their positioner to Today’s Best Music. Star 102.7 in Cairns maintains its 80s, 90s & Now positioner, whilst Star 106.3 in Townsville has no positioner on its logo.

Meanwhile down in NSW, with 2ST, 2EC & 2NM now sharing their playlist, 2ST in Shoalhaven/Southern Highlands now uses The Widest Variety of Music positioner, in which they had previously used Classic Songs, Great Variety.


No guesses required as to why. Will be interesting to see how the next generation manage the company.


There has been a slight reshuffle at Power FM and 5MU Murray Bridge, Chris Dzelde has moved from the Power FM afternoon show across to 5MU and is replaced by Craig Pittman who has filled in around the place. Adam Connelly has moved from 5MU afternoons to breakfast to replace the late Sundo.


Would be so difficult for them at Murray Bridge. Mel has enough of her own battles with health and now to reorganise two stations.


She’s doing the 10-2 shift on Power FM so hopefully that’s a sign she’s on the mend


Interesting move by Hot 91 on the Sunshine Coast.

Hot 91 purges INXS, Jebidiah and Baby Animals from its playlist

In an unprecedented move, the Sunshine Coast’s Hot 91 have dumped some of Australia’s most iconic acts from their playlist - at least til the end of the week.

Specifically, next Sunday around tea time.


Because, this weekend, the Sunshine Coast Lightning are playing for their second Suncorp Super Netball title in Perth and as the official radio sponsor, Hot 91 is in full support.

Read more at:


Interesting and dumb.

INXS were formed in Sydney, originally and later with the name INXS. A few months in Perth early on doesn’t make INXS a band from Perth. The Baby Animals were formed in Sydney.


Noticed a billboard for Hot 91 heading inbound into Brisbane on the Bruce Hwy at Caboolture . Gee that’s the edge of their licence area, especially as it’s clearly targeting inbound commuters.