Anyone able to tell me why I’m getting Sky News on channel 600 and channel 103?


Watch Paul Murray as he gets drunk on NYE. No thanks.


Presumably to increase the channels reach. It’s been that way for a few months.


Exactly right… there’s a “science” to EPG placement.

The first 10 spots in each category are considered the best.

400-410 for movies
500-510 for sport
600-610 for news and docos

And so on

This also happens to be the number of channels on display when you open each category in the Foxtel TV guide on IQ2 and lower. I’m not sure how IQ3 displays.

The most prominent positions in terms of audience reach and psychology is 100-110… that’s why Sky is there… it also gives you an insight into why Nine is 100 and not 109. It’s an ongoing contractual agreement from the days when Nine owned 25% of Foxtel.


Bang on. They nudged History and C+I up the list at the same time, moving Discovery and Nat Geo further down.


Looks like Disney XD is being removed on January 6.



It was announced on the Fetch platform at the beginning of the month too.


One of Foxtel’s longest-serving employees has resigned.


Is this the Start of an Worldwide Disney XD Exodus???


This would be because Disney want to start their own streaming service to take on Netflix. Why else would you want to buy 20th Century Fox? Content is king!

This is why Foxtel is screwed in the long term. You’ll see all the major studios have their own content apps. Want Paramount - get the Paramount app! Want Warner Bros? Get the WB app! So on, so forth. Even sports will get away from Foxtel and Fox Sports if they can get away with it! NBA do it, could see our leagues eventually do it.

All of whom can control all aspects and charge whatever price they want - sell direct to consumer, get away from the middle man, like Foxtel and Village Roadshow.


The irony of having so many different services (and removing the same content from existing services) is that it will just encourage piracy once more, but that’s for another thread


Not just Foxtel - Stan is in a precarious position, almost totally reliant on output deals with US program producers that will eventually run out.


Spot on!
The future of streaming will be that every Hollywood studio will run their own streaming services where you pay them directly. And sporting leagues are already moving away from Foxtel and onto their own apps, the NHL (National Hockey League) is the first to do so. NBA and NFL also have their own streaming service where fans can view all their own teams.


i don’t know when the NHL started but the WWE has been doing this since 2011


And who is going to pay for all that? Not many


Maybe you’ll just pay every now and again - say, if Disney have a new Marvel movie out, but you only pay for that when it comes out - like you do now when you go to the movies, or when you used to rent good ol’ VHS tapes.

I think if Foxtel does something like an improved version of its Foxtel Now box, and acts like an aggregator for all these different studio apps, it may have a future.


From ACMA:

Foxtel pays $25,200 for telemarketing breaches

Foxtel Management Pty Ltd has paid a $25,200 infringement notice for breaching laws that require telemarketers to end a call immediately when asked.

An ACMA investigation found that Foxtel continued to sell its products and services within calls after consumers indicated they wanted to end the calls. The ACMA also found Foxtel did not have adequate contractual arrangements in place with a call centre it used.

‘Consumers have the right to end a telemarketing call at any time during the call. It’s unacceptable for a call to continue once someone has indicated they want it to stop,’ said ACMA Chair Nerida O’Loughlin.

‘The ACMA will act when aggressive marketing practices don’t meet acceptable standards,’ said Ms O’Loughlin.

This year, the ACMA has cracked down on businesses breaking telemarketing laws. Businesses have paid a total of $343,200 in infringement notices.

‘Telemarketers are on notice to listen and respond appropriately to consumers and take their obligations seriously,’ added Ms O’Loughlin.


Now this offer has passed, the sports channels have gone from my iOS app, however they remain on my Foxtel Now box, all fully watchable. I’ve tried logging out and logging back in, and restarting the device - does anyone know how I might be able to get rid of them?



NHL seriously going to make their product exclusive to streaming? Complete stupidity.