Four Corners

No Country for Women

Monday 4 September at 8:30pm

Despite the Taliban’s public promises of change, Ramita Navai powerfully exposes the reality of life for women under their rule.

She secretly films in a jail where she discovers women being held by the Taliban without trial or charge, their fate often unknown to their families.

She uncovers evidence of Taliban officials using violence to forcibly marry young girls and accompanies an underground network of female activists on dangerous missions to rescue women hunted by the Taliban.
This is a powerful on the ground expose filmed by British Iranian journalist Ramita Navai for ITV and reveals the reality of what’s really going on inside Afghanistan today.

Muddy Waters: Renegotiating Australia’s democracy

Monday 11 September at 8.30pm

This week on Four Corners, the ABC’s Voice Correspondent Dan Bourchier travels to the north, west and east of Australia talking to people about what this referendum means to them.

The debate around The Voice has been unsettling and confusing for many Australians; trying to navigate the politics has been hard.

In this report, Dan and the team cut through the confusion to explore what self-determination looks like in different parts of the country.

Dan finds communities ready and willing to say yes to The Voice, and others who are concerned the vote will divide the country.

Muddy Waters reported by Dan Bourchier goes to air on Monday 11 September at 8.30pm on ABC TV and ABC iview.


Tonight’s report was another repeat of a past story, this time Qantas.

While I get these repeats can sometimes be timely I find it lazy….

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Agree, better use would be slotting in on ABC TV+ or promoting it on iview, on socials with a link, etc



Monday 25 September at 8:30 pm

This week’s Four Corners exposes criminals, opportunists and registered providers who have been busted exploiting loopholes to overcharge and defraud the NDIS.

The revelations come following a three-month crowdsourced investigation which resulted in submissions from hundreds of NDIS participants, families and workers.

Anne Connolly and the Four Corners team reveal that some of the most vulnerable people living with disability are being virtually kidnapped for their NDIS funding.

Consequently, hundreds are “missing” in the system, with the NDIS regulator unaware of where they are and no authorities monitoring their welfare.

The investigation also reveals young people suffering extensive injuries whilst under the care of NDIS-approved providers.

The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission is supposed to protect people living with disability, but Careless exposes it’s failing to monitor our most vulnerable.

The NDIS expose was the first item on ABC News Victoria tonight (September 25).


Monday 2 October at 8:30 pm

Undercover operatives and secret informants have been crucial in the fight against organised crime.

But what happens to these people who risk their lives once the operations have finished and the criminals are behind bars?

Some say law enforcement agencies — both in Australia and overseas — abandon them, leaving them in fear.

Reporter Mahmood Fazal brings you a never-before-seen dive into the dark underbelly of crime fighting.

Speaking with past informants, Mahmood interrogates how they are treated once their job is done, and whether they get what they are promised.

Undercover also explores the ethical grey zone in the relationship between handlers and their sources.