Ten has indeed secured rights to show one A-League match on Saturday nights plus Socceroos matches. It has not been reported by the A-League website but expect an announcement on Friday morning. According to The Australian, under the deal which includes streaming rights, Ten will broadcast the most popular Saturday evening A-League matches, derbies, and all finals as well as Socceroos matches on multichannel One. Fox Sports’ commentary team will appear on Ten as part of the simulcast arrangement.

Football Federation Australia will announce the 2017-18 A-League season fixture at midday AEST today. We will find out which Saturday night matches will be simulcast on Ten/One this year and next year. It will also be the first season with the new competition logo.

what about the sister league, which is the W League. Is the W League on FTA for this season.

FFA has not said if next season’s W-League will be on FTA.
The 2017/18 A-League draw has just been released. It will kick off with a trio of blockbusting rounds featuring a Big Blue (Sydney FC v Melbourne Victory) Grand Final rematch in Round 1, a Melbourne Derby in Round 2 followed by a Sydney Derby in Round 3. More details can be found here

Steven Lowy will not seek re-election as chairman of FFA in November, ending some fifty years of the Lowy family heading up soccer administration in Australia. Lowy said he is leaving because of the on-going dispute with the owners of the A-League clubs over control of the game in Australia.

Source: The Australian.

VAR - what a VARking joke.


Saw the highlights at A-League website. And I agree VAR was a joke. That goal should not have been overturned.
The soccer field at the SCG is at right angles to the rugby league field as well as the AFL centre square. I guess the shape of the SCG arena makes it possible.

Watched this game last night And it was strange why they have played at ScG instead of the usual Allianz stadium. The referee gave a red card to the WSW coach and he was extremely pissed off. I find this game a horrible game to watch especially with the one sided refereeing. Have turned off at 87th minute.

Allianz is closed and about to be demolished

Of course it was going to be one sided. If its not Sydney FC or Melbourne Victory getting the upper hand, it doesn’t go to the FFA’s script.
Us Jets fans found that out the hard way last year in the GF.

Western Melbourne will be joining the A-League next season, while South-West Sydney will be joining in the 2020/21 season. This is an absolutely ridiculous decision and i’ll explain why.

Western Melbourne are proposing to build their own stadium out in Tarneit (an outer western suburb of Melbourne), but it won’t be ready until the 2022/23 season. Until then, the club will be playing at Kardinia Park, which is a 36,000 capacity oval-shaped stadium and is over 50 kilometres away from where the club are planning to be based. How are they going to build a fan base? Not only will the stadium be way too big, but they’re playing games in a city that they’re not even going to represent.

South-West Sydney, on the other hand, already have a stadium that they could play games in (Campbelltown Stadium), yet they won’t be able to join for another two years. How on earth does that make sense?

Just looking up Tarneit and its 25 km from Melbourne CBD :face_vomiting:. What happened to the 1 club per city idea, I can handle 2 for a local derby but this 3 clubs is getting out of hand, they should of looked at a permanent side in Geelong or a team based in Canberra, Wollongong, Tassie ect I am sick of everything being about Melbourne and Sydney

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Even as someone from Melbourne, I think that Canberra would have been the best solution.


Relocate Melbourne City to Canberra and move one of the Sydney teams down to the Illawarra. Problem solved.

I can see what you mean. I personally don’t have an issue with more than two clubs being based in the one city, but only if the teams are strategically placed in areas which will not canabalise on existing clubs. The Western Melbourne bid poses a lot of problems, IMO. :frowning:

The major issue with their bid is their location. I’ve never been to the western suburbs of Melbourne before, but from what I understand, Tarneit is on the outer fringe of the metropolitan area. It is still largely surrounded by farmland. Most of the suburbs in Melbourne’s west are only 15-20 minutes away from the CBD and the football supporters who live out there probably already go for Melbourne Victory or City.

If this club had of formed in another 5-10 years time, it would have made much more sense. The western suburbs of Melbourne are expected to grow over the next few decades, but it will be a long time yet until Tarneit has a large population of it’s own.

I personally would have liked to have seen South Melbourne and Canberra granted licences.

As a Victory supporter living out west, I would’ve actually liked to see the south east bid get up. There’s a hell of a lot of suburban sprawl growing around Casey and the like right now, and had they been able to stump up the funds, would’ve easily beaten both other bids.

By that logic, the South Melbourne bid would’ve canabilised both Victory and City.

Well some Victory and City supporters would probably jump ship if they were granted a licence, but a positive point about South Melbourne is that they already have a supporter base of their own. They’re an existing club.

In regards to Team 11, apparently they were close to being granted a licence, but the Vic Government refused to allocate money towards building a stadium in Dandenong.

Team 11 was very unlucky as Casey and Cardinia are one of Australia’s biggest growth areas.

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