Food Stars

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First two pitches go through and there’s only 14 spots. Going to be a quick series.

The original version only had 10 episodes.

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Ps. Really enjoying this. Gordon and Janine are great.

Not a bad show.

Great show!

Loved the first episode. Nice to see a new format. I hope it works for Nine and we see a return next year.

The chemistry between Gordon and Janine was electric. Loved it!

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Here’s what Nine said about the launch:

The launch episode of Gordon Ramsays’s Food Stars won its timeslot across the 5 City Metro with People 25-54. It achieved a Total TV National Audience of 581,000.

National Total Metro Average Audience Regional Average Audience BVOD National Audience Total TV National Audience
1,712,000 357,000 138,000 63,000 581,000

If we’re looking at that, which is last year’s usual metric, that’s pretty terrible.

The show’s fairly decent from what I’ve seen but I think food shows just don’t work on Nine.

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It may not be the case that this genre ‘doesn’t work’. It may just be that the format is a ‘mismatch’ and is trying to fill the void left by several other axed formats while also attempting to cater to the audiences who watched those formats at the same time. Nine doesn’t have, and has never really had, an MKR or MasterChef type format (despite several attempts). Nor do they have The Apprentice anymore, or even a Shark Tank. So finding a format that combines elements of all those formats into something that is ‘new’ and ‘different’ is better than producing something in-house or poaching another network’s format, right? I agree Food Stars is a good format, but the problem isn’t that it doesn’t work; it’s how it’s being ‘sold’ to the audience.

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Tonight’s episode features a challenge in Melbourne’s AAMI Park:

In collaboration with the Rebels, Endemol Shine Productions filmed an episode of their new TV show ‘Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars,’ featuring celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and business guru Janine Allis. As part of the show, participants used Level 3 West food outlets to create a modern take on the Chiko roll during a Rebels v Crusaders game on 21 April 2023.

Also: no gloves or kitchen uniforms?

I did a podcast with Janine Allis- gives a bit of an overview of the series:


Next week

Tuesday 2 April
Gordon Ramsay and Janine Allis’ teams are tasked with hosting networking experiences with Australia’s most influential hospitality buyers to increase stockists of Nick Kyrgios’ soft drink brand ALIVE.

Wednesday 3 April
Gordon and Janine challenge the entrepreneurs to execute an immersive, fine dining experience with the help of award-winning guest chefs Matt Moran and Scott Pickett.

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Wow so this was filmed almost a year ago.


Double episode of Food Stars next week on Tuesday 9 April 7:30pm - 9:40pm. Not sure if that was always the plan.

Silly programming move to burn through episodes like that.

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The show is decent but am I watching Celebrity Apprentice or what? My brothers switched off because they expected Gordon to be more involved in cooking, judging food etc

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I doubt the show is reaching its targets based on overnight ratings. Not sure why Nine opted for a double episode next Tuesday night. They could have run the extra episode after the MAFS final on Monday night.


Found the editing of this show pretty obvious and staged, almost like they already have a winner in mind…

Troy from Blak Brews seems to have been given a heroes edit. After a bit of Indigsploitation last night I was convinced.

Did some digging on contestant socials to see what I could find:

Sure enough a quick IG scan shows he’s following the winner of Food Stars USA (2023) Chris Kannick.

Chris is only following 134 people. A pretty tight list. Sure enough he’s following our mate from Blak Brews:

Is it purely a coincidence that a Scientist from LA just happens to be following a tea brand from Geelong that’s only been around for a few months that’s also vying for Gordon’s money and mentorship? Or is it as obvious as the outcome of the show?

Aloe, seems to have been very hidden in the schedule and quiet on the promotional side from Nine. Like they don’t have a lot of confidence in it…

How has everyone else found the show?

Personally feel like I’ve saved myself from having to sit through any more FTA ad breaks and this wonky local adaptation of a decent format from Endemol.