Federal Budget 2024

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Some commentary on some less-than-informative budget coverage

“Jim Chalmers is branded out-of-touch over his wife’s Budget act – as his eye-watering salary re-emerges: ‘This is gold tier tone deaf’,” said the Daily Mail headline.

The Mail’s new political editor, Peter van Onselen, was just warming up.

“Jim Chalmers and his wife Laura foolishly forgot to pretend they’re at one with the common people on the night it REALLY matters – and now they’ll pay the price,”

After a big announcement like the budget, the prime minister does the rounds of the media – even the FM radio programs that thrive on stunts and crude banter. On Fox FM, Albanese was asked why governments can’t “wipe debt and just start again” and how governments “know the world’s going to be ending at some point in the future”.

On Perth’s Nova 93.7 with Nathan, Nat & Shaun, the PM found himself saying hi to Nathan’s mum, who was apparently lying in bed, naked, clutching his photograph.

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Miss the days when they used to broadcast the morning after the budget from the front lawns of Parliament House. Think they had to stop doing it because of all the protests.