Fam Time

I could understand them being worried about screening it in an early evening timeslot because the jokes are not fanily friendly but after 8.30pm there wouldn’t be a problem.

It kind of reminds me of Upper Middle Bogan with a dysfunctional family who aren’t always nice to each other but still come together when it counts.

Not to mention Australia’s Sexiest Tradie which was often quite vulgar and all the Fat Pizza/Darradong Local Council type shows.


Agree. If Seven can air such shows like Paul Fenech’s usual nonsense. then am surprised that this family-comedy didn’t get a screening.

At least Fam Time is getting some well deserved attention now, even if some jokes are outdated.

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If they didn’t want it on Seven, not sure why they couldn’t have put it on 7flix or 7mate at some point, just to burn it off.

Not sure how showing repeat content helps when you have original content sitting on the shelf, pair it with something half hour, or just have it as a double episode.

Probably to drive viewers to bvod, hence 7Plus exclusive. Could also be a broadcast sponsor/advertiser thing and the show’s production.

The first episode was alright. The second episode was boring. The third episode was quite funny. Agree that Rhonda Burchmore is a great addition to the cast.

Fam Time was and still is a good idea for a sitcom. Families used to spend a lot of time together, but these days each member of the family is off doing their own thing on a device. That could be funny, but Fam Time gets off to a clunky start thanks to a poorly written-opening episode that fails to explain the fractured family’s motivations.