Fam Time

Brilliant satire.

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TV Show titles that make you LOL.

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Self-described ‘Mumpreneur’, Belinda Box, loves her blended family - but she also loves getting virtual love from her online tribe. Each week she uploads videos to Belinda’s Blended Blog with tips and tricks for being a modern mum in a busy blended family. With a mantra that “everything is content” this dysfunctional digital Brady Bunch, post and hashtag their way through 21st century family dilemmas while occasionally catching a glimmer of the truth - that the best type of like/love is the offline type they share with each other.

BELINDA – Michala Banas
JOHN – Duncan Fellows
RYLAN – Ben Jack Anthony
TAHNEE – Karina Banno
CHERRY – Chloe De Los Santos


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Good grief the name is horrendous. A cringeworthy attempt at being hip and cool. Proves that Seven are still run by a bunch of oldies who are out of touch with the audience.


Has the show been filmed? Michala Banas hasn’t mentioned anything related to the filming on her Instagram.

Seven have released the first 2 episodes for review.

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Title could be better. But I love Michala Banas so will definitely give this a go. I think she is one of Australia’s finest actresses and very underrated. I don’t watch a lot on 7 but will definitely give this a go.

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Seven Network Director of Programming Angus Ross has told TV Tonight that Fam Time will be partnered with the final season of Modern Family in Q2.

11.15 every other Thursday night, then?


Modern Family has finished but there is still no sight of Fam Time. No promos either. Is Seven holding it back to Q4?

I feel it could be a demo match behind Big Brother at 9

Series creator and EP Michael Horrocks has confirmed he is leaving Seven.
According to IF, Fam Time is a 6 x 30 minute sitcom.

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When is this going to air? I feel like lockdown would have been perfect time to show a family show. Also Michala Banas has been great on Hallifax!

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I was wondering this the other day. I was really looking forward to it.

Maybe it tested on par with Between Two Worlds…

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If each episode is around 30 minutes long, it makes it hard for Seven to schedule the comedy. Maybe it will be shown after Home and Away at 8pm?


Seems like Seven have pushed all their scripted shows to 2021, since they don’t need to worry about drama quotas this year, which sadly also means less local production.

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What happened to this. was it that bad that 7 have decided not to air it?

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