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Following The Australian and the Financial Review, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald have introduced a new weekly media section from today.
The Age columnist and former chief AFL writer Caroline Wilson will deliver the Andrew Olle Media Lecture in Sydney this Thursday.


All on the one day? These newspapers sure are smart!


The SMH has had a weekly Media & Marketing section for many years which has shuffled around the week. Is it just bigger now and on Monday?


I reckon SMH’s media section is settling on Mondays from now on.


Dear Fairfax

For the love of f##king god, STOP RINGING ME DURING THE WORK DAY. I do not want the paper copy of the SMH, even if its free for the first few months. I already pay for it, and your rivals over at News actually offer a decent deal for teachers and an even better deal for Kings members. Unlike…you.

I cannot stop a class to take a phone call, in case I BLOW UP DELUXE. I’ve told your telemarketers that NO, I’'m not interested, and that you rang during SCHOOL HOURS and that I AM A TEACHER. Put 2 and 2 together.

Dickheads. :rage:


You need to put your number on the “do not call register”. If they call you after that, they can be fined.



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Fairfax said he didn’t present a superior proposal as Fairfax says there was no actual proposal from him. Too little too late.


Agree, it’s far too late. He’d know better than this poor timing. There’s another motivation here.