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Just got another response from ABC. Love how quickly they’re on to it!

Thanks so much for the details. The engineer with a Tesla was able to replicate what you described. This station following is a new setup, and we are actively ironing out these teething issues that you’ve experienced.
Leave station following off for now, but if you wouldn’t mind we’d like to be in touch to request you to turn it back on when we make changes, to monitor for its behaviour?


If someone could provide a bit of help with this I would be ok to try and get these. I looked for the RTL dongle and the latest version seemed out of stock. If there was a link to instructions and suggested place to purchase would help.


I see the new RTL-SDR V4 is out of stock.
I use a couple of the NooElec cheapee SDR’s for DAB+ decoding that work with QIRX.
One caveat; I tried to install the ‘DAB Player’ program after having a few different drivers in place for the RTL-SDR dongle device & software & I soon discovered driver conflicts, thus I opted not to use DAB Player (removed with its drivers) & just use the, QIRX, SDR#, SDR Console etc & other such software for use with the RTL-SDR devices.
I have a slightly earlier version of this SDR (mine only goes down to 26MHz). This should be fine if you don’t wish to spend more than $60 for DAB+ decoding/reception.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

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I have the Nooelec dongle. What’s the next step? thanks

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That was quick! :slightly_smiling_face:

Probably driver installation

& then the QIRX software. The QIRX software & install is a bit quirky to comprehend & get going easily. might be a bit easier?


One might need to take it slow with all the above to digest all the required steps.


Just another couple of thoughts @TV.Cynic ;

  1. The driver installation for DAB Player may conflict with the drivers for the RTL-SDR dongle, perhaps you ‘may’ wish to remove those for DAB Player??
  2. Also it may be easier to start usage of the RTL-SDR with a software program like SDR# or SDR Console first to ensure the RTL_SDR drivers work. The ‘older’ from a few years or so ago RTL-SDR (Zadig) drivers I have work fine with QIRX & - not sure about the newest Zadig drivers in the above DAB+ software.

Hi - installed drivers and got the QIRX working somewhat

This is potentially what you were looking for-


Well done! :clap: Beautiful :+1:

Yes, that’s one useful screen shot - nice.
With those SId’s, having a quick glance, RDS PI codes will
have to be very carefully chosen.
It will be interesting when I enter the ABC/SBS Gold Coast SId’s into the PI Code list & re-check the commercial/community ones, what if any
potential conflicts could arise given all SId’s from the two DAB+ GC Ensembles begin with digit 4. :thinking:

What DAB+ channels are these two ensembles on respectively?

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Gold Coast commercials are 9D and ABC is 8B


Oh yeah, this reminds me - the way they make space for ABC Gold Coast compared to the normal metro assignments:

ABC Sport and News Radio - 40kbps > 32kbps
ABC Kids Listen - 64kbps > 56kbps
Triple J Unearthed - 72kbps > 64kbps

I’d have shaved the 8kbps off Radio National rather than Triple J Unearthed, but otherwise they seem sensible ways to squeeze the extra in.

I know ABC Classic is sacrosanct but Jazz could be on 72kbps as well and give enough to improve the two local radio services to 56kbps, which would I think make a big difference - or even to just make ABC Gold Coast the full 64kbps and then leave ABC Brisbane as is. 48kbps for speech content is just below that point where I find it avoids the harsh s sounds. News Radio/ABC Sport sensibly drop to mono, but I’d hope they aren’t doing that on local radio.


I’ve now populated the GC ABC/SBS DAB+ SId’s into the RDS List (PI Code Sheet).
Might help avoid potential problems between DAB+/FM station switching re future selection of PI codes etc.
Many thanks to @TV.Cynic for all your hard work too - much appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:


How @ozbark ?

Yes, thank you @TV.Cynic, you’ve gone to a huge effort there.

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Hi @crankymedia. As discussed not too long ago, either in this thread or the RDS or similar, one user experienced unwanted station switching between ABC Sport on DAB+ & Nova on FM in Melbourne when their car entered a car-lift. A review of the associated SId & PI codes revealed that the SId code matched that of the RDS PI code. That alone may not cause a switch to occur, but if the car tuner has a couple of settings enabled such as station linking between DAB+ & FM (RDS) it can.
If you search through the archives (several weeks ago) you’ll find much very interesting discussion about this.

Hence I added some Australian SId codes in the PI code worksheet that in conjunction with Worksheet 14 can help Engineers (who use the RDS Worksheet) potentially avoid some RDS PI selection problems.
Basically I have only entered those SId codes where there is a higher likelyhood of problems.
Eg if SId code for sites in QLD (eg Brisbane &/or GC) commence with digit 4 then I enter them in as most RDS PI codes in QLD commence with digit 4. If for example a SId code for NSW (Sydney) commenced with digit 6, I wouldn’t bother adding to the worksheet as most NSW based RDS stations have a PI code commencing with digit 2, hence less likeihood of a SId/PI conflict & it reduces my input editing time :slight_smile:

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This should now be resolved
Contacted a staff member at BAI and they contacted NOVA and told them to change their PI code to fix this issue


Yes it is thank you very much Gordo. :slight_smile:
I was just citing it as an example.
The problem could pop again somewhere else in time, but hopefully not.


I just noticed CBAA’s scientific license has recently shown up in ACMA’s database.

201.072 MHz

500 W EIRP

Elan Building Victoria St KINGS CROSS NSW 2011


This will be good, the first small-scale DAB transmission in Australia.


So 500 watts on Channel 8D … hmm… that might be DXable for me when there is enhancement from Sydney in the warmer months (distance 110 km).


Multiple ABC DAB streams are on back up tape this morning in QLD. ABC Brisbane, ABC Gold Coast, RN, Classic, Sport - anything that potentially might have a local stream. AM/FM not affected. Started about 7:20am

Update: Back on around 8:10am