COVID-19: Brisbane, SEQ and/or QLD Lockdowns

Surprised they acted on this so quickly. Jumping the gun a bit I say.


If it does get legs then it will move fast and any Ruby or Melbourne lockdown in pale in comparison to the media belting the government will get. The media will be on a power trip should this get legs and start spreading.

They need to protect that border though, Aviation crashes as Vic - Qld is the largest corridor at the moment


Considering this level of disruption over a single case (and the immediate public support from ScoMo) it makes you wonder if they know something that they’re not disclosing about potential transmission.

I feel like locking down, even for just a few days over one case regardless of the strain involved is going to really push the limit of community support.


I can’t support a move to lockdown an entire city and it’s surrounds for 1 case. What a complete and utter overreaction. Society can’t function with these yo-yo restrictions.

Australia’s leaders have lost the plot in handling covid, they’re jumping at shadows.


… and potentially dilute any sense of emergency when there is a real outbreak. As we’ve seen around the world even when there is a real emergency people’s patience and perseverance with lockdowns has a limit. you don’t want to be wasting that on false alarms.

I wonder if this will make international news? I’m guessing the thought of locking down after 1 case would be amusing to those in the UK and US.


Only thing I can think of is this was discussed and decided upon during national cabinet by all premiers.

It’s panic buying and mayhem in Brisbane so far today. But lots of masks around already.


I’ve heard the same about Kedron, Chermside and Albany Creek even.

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Part of the reason is there are people counting the number of shoppers let in simultaneously. All the supermarkets around here were the same with people at the door to the supermarket and at the door to malls. People were let in to the mall if they weren’t going to the Coles or Woolworths. But otherwise had to join queues.

News programs are calling it panic buying. However, it is more that four days worth of shoppers are doing their weekly shopping on one day.

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Panic buying is also happening on the Gold Coast.



Doesn’t matter where you live. There are idiots everywhere who still don’t understand that supermarkets remain OPEN during lockdown and you can leave your house to go to the supermarket.

There is no need to panic. I seriously do not understand the human race.


which isn’t necessary when supermarkets are open throughout all four days


The idiocy. I tell you.


I think shoppers would rather go today and get the weekly shopping done when they don’t have to potentially explain to police that they are doing essential shopping and they don’t have to wear a mask. Then they can stay do the right thing and stay at home for the next three days.

You’d think the virus won’t be transmissible until 6pm tonight if they don’t want to wear masks.

All idiots.


You’d also think that Coles. Woolworths, Bunnings etc would have reintroduced masks for their staff immediately but they haven’t. Bunnings in particular that had previously mandated masks for employees - no masks seen today.

Were they ever introduced in the first place in Brisbane/Queensland?

I’m leaving mine until tomorrow. Hopefully it’ll ease by then.

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