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That 4AAA issue is hard to diagnose not being there & being able to actually test things, but I think it seems like an intermittent transmitter exciter fault?

When it goes wild, how much does the sound of the audio change, does it sound flat, higher or lower pitched or normal, does it go mono & does the audio get louder or go softer or again stay normal level?
Normally is the audio clear or distorted & when it goes wild, does it stay clear or is it distorted?

If it was a failed processor going into bypass or just generally an audio feed issue, to overdrive the transmitter that much the audio volume would have to be so extremely high level it’s going to be badly distorted if analogue & a huge amount of clipping distortion if it’s digital.

It depends how the transmitter is fed if it’s a MPX feed is it local to the transmitter i.e is the processor at the transmitter site & does the RDS go into the processor & come out as MPX or does it feed separately into the transmitter?
Or is the RDS encoder & audio processor at the studio & goes over a link to the transmitter site as a composite (MPX) signal?

Their could be a faulty link & the MPX volume input to the transmitter is going wildly loud, or the processor MPX output is faulty & again randomly going wildly loud?

If the RDS was injected into the MPX prior to the transmitter, I’d expect it to still be there but the volume level of it is probably too high & overloading the RDS receiver so that’s why you lose it, if the RDS is injected into the MPX after it goes into the transmitter, & the audio MPX volume is too loud, then I’d expect the RDS probably isn’t there at all as the audio in the baseband would be too wide & overpower the RDS volume in the baseband at the RDS sub-carrier frequency.

While we can see it’s spreading across the band, I wonder if there’s any spurious signals outside the band & at what frequencies & how high are the levels of those spurious frequencies?

If it’s interfering with other transmissions in band or outside the band, ACMA should be told about it, & they’ll be forced to fix it or turn it off until they can.

Sorry if that’s too technical & some don’t understand what I’m saying.


All good with AAA this morning.


92.5 2WYR (Music FM) Moss vale.
As we know the failed radio station has been off air for quite some time now.
Now the licence for 92.5MHz is no longer to be found in the ACMA Radcom database.
Perhaps fair to say the radio station has disappeared for good. :man_shrugging:
No other clues to be found anywhere.


Definitely looks like if is it’s no longer listed.

Sad really, because they did play some good music.

I know the ABC wanted to up 92.5 Gosford to 2kw to match the community radio specs, perhaps that might now occur (going to 16kw to match the commercials might be asking too much).


IMO it has the best quality FM sound of all the Sydney-wide community stations in Sydney. I don’t notice a big difference from the left-channel but the FM stereo sounds excellent.


God that PS display. Its an abomination. In my station list its always got some random word as the name in the car


Yup but there is worse out there… :woozy_face:
Whilst Dynamic PS is discouraged in the Int RDS standards, the manufacturers of
some RDS encoders greatly promote the wide features & flexibility of Dynamic PS in their encoders & of course some of the (usually community) radio stations don’t know any better.
One of the worst RDS encoders I’ve seen for this online is the Dolphin brand of RDS encoder.
This doesn’t help our cause. :roll_eyes:

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AAA has gone off the rails again.

Just came to the group to post the same thing

If anyone is interested in the issues that’s over mod is causing to Triple M Country in high spots around Toowoomba have posted a video


The fact you have not peeled off the plastic off your screen of your radio gives me great sorrow.

Hi @Alex_Agaciak or @matt86 (if you are still at SWR 99.9)

The audio level on Tim William’s microphone during Awesome 80s is very low, particularly when mixed into the opening bits of a song.

Could I suggest that it be considered about levelling that out a bit?

I am pretty rough on equipment, so stopping the screen getting scratched up for a little while longer :joy:


I agree with this, though mine didn’t have any plastic on the screen when I got it… I can imagine it would be easy to scratch, I would have left it on mine as well if there was one.

I usually put it back in the box with the foam packaging when travelling.

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My TEF (the 3 coloured buttons/silver body version) had this screen protector on as well, but it also included a custom fit screen protector in the packaging box.

Thanks for posting the revealing 99.1 MMM Country & 89.9 4AAA issue with pics & video. Hopefully SCA might have cause to pursue that interference?

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I use an old Bose headphones case to store my TEF


Its all ok now people’s I took the plastic off :joy::rofl:


All good with 4AAA this morning.

Edit: Typed too soon. Starting to go again. Can still get 99.1 Mt Dowe but stating to get interference. RDS is gone.


I wonder if ACMA will reissue the 92.5 licence for Community broadcasting in the Southern Highlands? I cannot see it being viable, or there being much interest.

I agree ACMA should not reissue the 92.5 licence in the Southern Highlands and give ABC CC a power increase. 4KW would be good.

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Braidwood fm relay @dxnerd ?? 92.5 Braidwood in Bowral lol

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Air BnB FM??

(Braidwood n Bowral)