So Nine are running a biopic on the nights Seven has done so over the past few years.

Is this a good scheduling move to have it up against the Winter Olympics?

I would have thought Underbelly would be male skewed so wouldn’t most males be watching sport if it was available?

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Not really. I would’ve thought Nine would’ve screened it after the Winter Olympics. Married At First Sight which is also on tonight will also struggle.

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But MAFS is going up against MKR as usual.

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I too am surprised.

I think if Nine had very high hopes, we wouldn’t have seen if for another couple of weeks, yes.

Look at how telemovies / mini-series did last year, let alone dramas in general (bar Doctor Blake and maybe Doctor Doctor).

Molly was two years ago, long time!

The lead actor was just plugging it for Nine with Grubby & Dee Dee (3AW weekend afternoon program) on radio.

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Underbelly Chopper getting trashed on social media.

Anybody here watching??

I survived a couple of ad breaks after I’m A Celebrity, now got Winter Olympics on.

Wasn’t good really, portrayal of Chopper a bit insulting to Eric Bana’s iconic movie. Nine (or producers at least) almost glorifying the bloke, in fact it’s just a bit too full on anyway.

Ever since this project was announced, I wondered why Nine would want to do a remake when that Chopper movie was so definitive and anything else would feel like a pale imitation.

Maybe this will finally put an end to Underbelly.


If (and that’s a big if) it doesn’t rate, I wonder if networks, particularly FTA will be completely put off producing telemovies / mini-series from now on?

Wouldn’t look great for Seven’s upcoming ‘Olivia Newton John’ telemovie, though that’s definitely more in the line of ‘Molly’ (not hard crime like Underbelly).

Seven would not be worried about Olivia too much but their Australian Gangster series which is about real life criminals would be a real worry.


Oh, really? Damn. Count me out then.


Haven’t watched but from a review I read it was more focused on events post when the film concluded.

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I dont think i’ll watch part 2


I started it on 9now last night after it had aired.
It went to an “ad” about halfway through and then it died and went back to main menu. I had no incentive to try and turn it back on.

Real lack of story with this. Another mini-series that could have just been done as a telemovie.

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Isn’t it a telemovie? I thought part two airs tonight?

If it’s in two parts then it’s a mini-series.

A telemovie is a television movie. It airs in one screening.

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I always have heard two part “telemovie” labelled as that though?
In saying that I’m talking about most probably aired pre 2005… maybe the terminology has changed.

I’ve heard it used too but I believe the terminology is incorrect.

A telemovie is a feature film produced and originally distributed by a television network.
A miniseries is a television program that tells a story in a predetermined, limited number of episodes.

Ah yes, fair enough :slight_smile: