Car Radios

Thanks, will look into a Sony. I won’t bother getting it out, leaving to an auto electrician acquaintance.

Do you think it fits the ‘bro country’ tag?

They give the more expensive models a bad name. W176 and 177, diversity of assembly locations. Very disappointing. Makes the old moose test failing ones look great.

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Yes, that’s the part, there are others along the F3, but that’s the worst bit I think.

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Yeah that’s a pity about the A Class. They do seem to have gone downmarket. Once they got the original one not to flip when avoiding a moose they were great.


Agree. They were a fun looking car and not too bad a drive either.

I asked questions about adding DAB in my Commodore in another thread, I decided to get one of these since they were offering it at $49 instead of $109. I’m away up the Hunter for the week, so I won’t be able to test it until I get back on Friday.


I need one of these if I want to listen to DAB radio in my car.DO you plug it into your car’s aux jack? Luckily my car has one

You can use the aux jack or use the inbuilt FM transmitter to rebroadcast the DAB output. Aux Jack would be my first preference

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I’ll have to use the FM transmitter - my car does not have an AUX jack. I’ve tried 3.5mm to USB but it doesn’t work. As it stands, I have a present for 2RPH on FM I can replace with this.

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I found out today the Kia dab aerial is using the same builtin shark fin aerial as the other bands. Had a car radio guy install a dash cam and thought I would ask on the aerial system.

He said dab radios use to be separated but not these days. He might be just talking about the new kias and Hyundais although did not ask. I think so far it’s more effective. The Mazda had a separate one.

Hope this is of interest.

I’ve always been sceptical of how shark fin antennas perform in weak signal areas, on all bands.

To me, nothing beats a roof mounted bee sting antenna of a reasonable length.

Except maybe something like this, but then I’d rather not be noticed :blush:



Me too on shark fin. Looks good but looks can be deceiving. Yes with a recent new addition to family hard for me to give it a real test on a long road trip.

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Perhaps ACMA can borrow this to locate and turn off AM 1386 operating out of southside Brisbane/Logan.


Hello do you know how to delete a favourite? Not replace it just plain delete.

Sadly no, I’ve not worked that out myself. Annoying I know. Also lack of ASM is annoying for when visiting another area for a period of time and just want to store 5-6 stations to flick thru.


Yeah I am surprised. I tried to search on the web, no cigar. Very simple thing too. Well I give the Mazda one tick that’s better than the Kia. Having the volume dial and tune dial in the centre is also good from Mazda. However Android auto and a working dab radio still makes the Kia rule supreme.

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Finally got my Kogan DAB car converter. Here are some initial thoughts and some pics as well.

Setting it up was fairly straight forward - runs off the cigarette lighter. There is a little issue with the antenna - you do need to stick it to the window, but it has two little strips that hang off it - it will leave a weird look on your windscreen. The antenna cord is a little long, but I found if I keep the visors up, I can keep it nice and tidy. I do have some velcro straps around my apartment. I put it in the right corner to stop it from obscuring the view.

This picture shows which side I attached it to, and the cords running out of it.

The device goes on as soon as you start the car up, and the first time it starts, does a scan - found all 61 Sydney channels, so no issues there. It has limited information, and only displays station name, if its a DAB or DAB + channel and what genre it is. A little disappointing in this regard - my pocket Laser DAB radio has more information.

The buttons are in a little inconvenient position if you want to switch stations - would’ve preferred buttons on the front.

Since my Commodore doesn’t have a proper Aux IN 3.5mm plug, I had to use the FM TX function, which works quite well, quite clear on 87.6FM. There is a bit of ground loop when you change DAB stations and it locks into the chosen station.

Overall, not bad, if you want to get into DAB at a reasonable price (I got it for $49, but usually goes for $109), it’s a good option. But there are some areas that a 2nd version could look at.


What does aerial look like?

The antenna is the little black oval in the middle of the thin strips - all of them are adhesive. The black cord on the left goes up and behind the visors, connecting it to the device via a MCX(?) plug.

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For $49 I’m keen to get one of these too. I’m wondering whether it would be possible to wire it in to use the car’s normal antenna.
Would require splitting the signal which would attenuate the antenna signal that’s also sent to the car’s normal AM/FM radio though.

If you can get your antenna through into a MCX antenna - possibly?

It isn’t a bad unit but it leaves a lot to be desired. Don’t pay the $109 for it - wait til it comes on sale, it seems to be a regular thing.