Car Radios


The current Leaf is a few years old now, I would assume and hope the upcoming Leaf will have it.

I would’ve agreed with you until I used CarPlay. Bluetooth streaming in most cars is just terrible, nobody implements the standards correctly and in a nice user friendly way. CarPlay, while you do have to plug in a cable, hands it all off to the phone, and as long as the apps are written properly, works pretty well. Apple Music works well, with good voice controls, and I’m lazy and just throw everything into one big playlist for the car that I shuffle. Pocket Casts is good too.

For shorter trips and where I don’t need navigation I stick with DAB though, which serves me well.


Or use a DAB receiver that transmits via FM


Just been having a look at after market car audio head units on the Super Cheap Auto web site.

Most of them now are just “digital media players” and don’t even include a radio anymore, even brand name ones like Sony and Pioneer.

God forbid if car manufacturers go the same way with OEM equipment.


Those digital media player head units that you saw at Supercheap Auto do have radio tuners in them. It’s just that they don’t have a CD mechanism - and good riddance, too. Makes installing them so much easier. I haven’t used a CD in my car for at least 3 years.


I don’t use the CD player in my Yaris anymore, I use auxiliary cord to plug in my iPhone to listen to music.One day I’ll replace the original Toyota factory fitted CD/radio with a touchscreen unit ,there’s a Poineer unit that will fit into my car has Apple CarPlay,Bluetooth and radio,


Ah ok, I had a look at the specs and there were no mention of AM or FM radios in it.

So I went back and a closer look at the pictures in the ad, and whilst the specs didn’t mention any sign of a radio, I noticed they do have buttons numbered 1 to 6, and another button that says BAND, so I think you’re right!

So :relieved: , I’d hate to think there was going to be a future of cars without radios.

And yes, no sign of a CD player either, but I think some Volkswagens (? - not sure which brand) are currently on the new car market without a CD player.


Quite a few new models in the last 2-3 years have been sans CD player. My Cruze is 6 years old and I’ve never used it.


I’ve used mine once!

But more out of curiosity than anything. It’s supposed to be Gracenote capable via mobile connection, but mine didn’t show anything.

I might try that again soon.


I keep forgetting I’ve got a CD player in the car. I remembered the other day and found there was even a CD in it! “The Alternative 80s” compilation. Must have been in there for 18 months at least since the last time it had a spin.


I use the CD player in mine a lot - I burn a disc every few months, just to have something to listen to if I haven’t taken my iPod with me to plug into the USB port.


What a welcome change to get a trifecta. Especially AM in this day and age.

How consistent was the DAB north of North Lakes? Can dip out around ‘Depression Bay’ - Burpengary and again around Caboolture.

Likewise, what of consistent coverage south of Pimpama River towards the Gold Coast? I’ve found coverage is most consistent driving the ‘old’ route out of Surfers up the GC Hwy, save for the hills of Helensvale and then mostly consistent north of Helensvale Road (Movie World on left driving north).


I didn’t try DAB north of Brisbane, but @Brianc68 has the same car as I do, and he has reported consistent DAB as far north as Caloundra on the Bruce Hwy.

I have tried it around the Gold Coast, and it is fine up around Oxenford, but dropouts started occurring from Paradise Point and they become a bit more frequent as you head further south. But even around Broadbeach, it is there 95% of the time. I haven’t tried it further south than that yet, but I will tomorrow or Wednesday.


Yes it’s perfect until the Caloundra exit of the Bruce highway. Not DAB of course, but how are you finding FM reception of Breeze and Rebel around the GC?


Rebel and Breeze very good on 99.4 and 100.6, though 90.5 and 92.1 are only receivable up around Oxenford. Very scratchy reception elsewhere.


Yep 90.5 and 92.1 are good in Logan/ southern Brisbane.


Well selling the Mazda getting a Kia with a DAB radio… :slight_smile: Partially for the reason of the DAB radio in Mazda having issue with no fix, but the main reason need a bigger car too. I hope the DAB is not flaky :). If it is at least it has Android auto.


What type of Kia?




Ah nice. That certainly is bigger. Hopefully a better DAB experience. Look forward to a report.


My older brother bought a Kia Carnival recently, but he bought it a bit too soon to get one that has DAB+. :frowning: