Car Radios


Great. I try aha on the Mazda but it’s just not as good as tunein radio. I think Android audio should add radio app and Waze.

Also I think Android auto on the Focus only works when plug in the cable? Good thing with Pandora in the Mazda it can work without the cable.


Yes, I would LOVE to see Radio App on Android Auto!

And yes, phone needs to be plugged in via USB for Android Auto to work.


Good news for me. My car should be supported :grinning:. Now just need dab to be fixed.


Have noticed signs of wear/tear due to age of the helical whip aerial on a Holden TS Astra, 2002.

Where can I buy a replacement that is best designed for the car?

Thanks in advance.


A Holden dealer could do that.
But it would be the most expensive solution.

Maybe try a wreckers?
That would be much cheaper.


Thanks, think I will try wreckers.

Wondered if there was a third party part available from a car part supplier?


I upgraded to later version of the european firmware in my Mazda 3. Bad news looks like the drop outs are still there. It did happen once with 2ch. Another not so good news after the factory reset, it was unable to scan 9a and 9b. Given the fault with scanning might only be a Sydney thing not sure if they will fix. Lucky I have my trusty workaround to lock in the stations.

The good news I can see dab text for the first time.:slight_smile:

No updates for Australia firmware for easy download. Lucky Europe seem to get more updates.


Installed myself a DAB headunit in my car over the weekend - a Pure Highway H250S, which I got for about $120 on eBay.

Firstly, in the hope of maybe helping someone who is googling for this info - the plugs on the unit itself are the ISO standard plugs - so I was able to just buy the wiring harness adaptor for my car and then directly plug that into the unit - which powered on and works absolutely fine.

On the other hand, despite some reports that it would work, just using a splitter/converter on my regular car antenna hasn’t proven to be adequate signal wise - in an area marked as being covered on the in car coverage maps. I was able to tune the multiplex in, and in some spots I can get a signal, but not one that’s listenable for more than 10 seconds.

So that means I’ll need to figure out my options for getting a dedicated DAB antenna, any recommendations here would be great.

As for the rest - FM performance isn’t quite as good as my stock unit, part of that could be the splitter though, though AM is as good.

The iPod controls work well - though plugging a cable in to the USB socket is a bit messy. I’ll see if I can live with that, otherwise I’ll just buy a USB drive and load it up manually with songs and leave it there.

When I did have signal, DAB sounded nice, better sounding than listening with headphones on my other devices - I don’t know if that’s just better processing or the car speakers muffling out the harsher tones of the low bitrate stations?

Anyway, as just a CD/MP3/iPod head unit, I’m happy with the purchase. Sorting out the antenna will be even better.


This splitter/converter you’re talking about - is it something that splits the standard car radio antenna between the DAB connector and the AM/FM antenna connector? Does it have a power wire? Like this:


Yeah, something similar to that, but an Aerpro branded one. There was one unconnected wire, but it said something like ‘remote’ on it, so didn’t sound like it was power related?


There’s your problem. The ‘remote’ wire carries 12V power to the amplifier within that splitter, which will boost DAB, AM and FM reception and actually activate the electronics which split the signals between analogue radio and digital radio. You’ll need to connect that wire to the corresponding blue wire on the wiring harness.

It’s called ‘remote’ because it’s usually used as a signal wire to switch on items like external audio amplifiers and motorised car radio antennas, but the power consumption of the amplifier in the signal splitter is small enough that it can use the remote wire as its power source.


Well that would make sense, surprised it’s working so well then…

I don’t know what my options would be for actually connecting it to that wire though, there’s no loose wires, just going from the plugs straight into the adaptor and into the head unit. Would I need to strip the wire back and connect it in?


Yeah, that would be the ideal option if you can, but it will work with any 12V power source which is switched with the ignition if you can find any that are available.

If you want to keep the wiring clean without messing around with soldering or crimping tools, you could consider one of these little plastic blade splicer connectors, which cut through the insulation and make the electrical connection as you snap them closed:

But when using these, make sure that you test before putting the dashboard trim back together, because you’ll need to ensure that the blade has sliced through the insulation and made a proper connection.


i’ve stopped listening to radio in the car now.
i installed an amazon echo dot and now i either listen to vision christian radio or yell at alexa to play from spotify


Air1, K-LOVE and Salem Media’s Christian stations are on iHeartRadio so are data free on Optus.


i listen to Air1 and K-Love at home. in the car i just default to vision.


The factory fitted DAB+ antenna and wiring on the current Audi A4 did not yield amazing reception. You can read my review back in December 16.

Unsure of the A4, but the Q7 has long had two FM tuners which improves reception. Again, unsure of the DAB+ tuner setup, however the coverage by the A4 antenna was less than what I have received with small, portable DAB+ radios sitting within a car (not ideal for reception, but better).


I reckon those shark fin antennas that Audi and others use are part of the problem.

I don’t see how they can possibly work as well as the whip antennas.


I’ve been using a bullbar mounted whip antenna for AM and FM and the problem I’ve been having is the ground plane is very poor. My friend’s Audi has an antenna in the rear window next to the demister lines, and it seems to work a lot better than my antenna even though logic would dictate that an antenna like mine should work better.


In my experience, rear window antennas aren’t too bad reception wise.

Not as good as a whip or telescpic antenna, but better than a shark fin one.